#fliphairs Confidently With NüNature Hair Care

Speaking about hairs, don't we all concern about it? Don't say no! You visit hair salon more than you visit your parents lo...I strongly agree on what I just said...LOL

Being a guy/ a metrosexual guy, I do have bad hairs day, still...I don't give much damn about it...(what you call this act? self destruct?).

Now,let me brag about hair products and if you agree and interested, gimme a "like". #blowkiss

I do understand that people (mostly girls) will tell me, "oh, I've been using this X that X whatever X on my hair, and that's why my hairs are so healthy..." OR "you should use this lar...very good then put conditioners la mask la hami la hulala..." whatever it is... #fliphairs and continue read...

Being a male, I don't usually look at the ingredient of the shampoo are made, because I don't stick to a brand of shampoo...(psst: I have a lots of hair products in my shower which I also don't know where they came from). So...recently I was enlightened by NüNature Hair Care. 

To my surprise, for the first time ever,i heard of anti-ageing of hairs...LOL ("suaku" tahap dewa-dewi- which translate to noob level maximum).

You may not get wrinkles on your hair, but it ages all the same. Grey hairs, dullness, thinning and frizz are part of hair’s aging process. The good news is, you don’t need Botox to fix all these problems. NüNature Hair Care will help restore youth to your crowning glory, so you can get back that shiny, bouncy, healthy hair. I was told that ingredients in their product brings you a delightful selection of anti-aging haircare with the 3 essential benefits:- 
  1. Strength hair roots.
  2. Reduce / prevent hair falls.
  3. Protection from everyday damages.
NüNature Hair Care contained of 98% natural ingredients, with containing almost-zero of preservative substances devoted to your hair’s wellbeing that perfect complement to your modern lifestyle. 

Also, it’s not just about what’s inside their products, it’s also about what isn’t. All NüNature products DO NOT contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) or Paraben, and is safe for everyday use, so you can pamper your hair gently without any side effects. 

Let's check out what they have here :

Daily Shine Shampoo

Key Ingredient :
Olive Oil, rich in Vitamins E and K, delivers essential moisture to improve natural shines and elasticity, while Coconut Oil adds shine and softness, preventing hair from breaking off due to brittleness. Hydrolyzed Keratin also creates a protective veil on hair’s surface, shielding it from heat damage.

Hydration Shampoo

Key Ingredient :
Hydrolyzed Keratin repairs damage and restores strength to hair, while Coconut Oil adds shine and softness, preventing the scalp from drying out. Guar Extract conditions hair and makes combing easier.
Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Key ingredients :
Pea Peptides, the result of a cutting-edge technology that helps to activate stem cells in the hair follicles. The addition of Peppermint Oil also helps to control inflammation and itchiness, providing a soothing, cooling effect while improving blood circulation.

2-in-1 Shampoo

Key ingredients :
Guar Tree Extract is an excellent conditioning agent, improving the ease of combing in both virgin and bleached hair. Lavender enhances blood circulation, strengthens hair and prevents hair fall.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Key ingredients :
Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein provides adequate oil control, and Black Pepper Extract (Piper Nigrum Berries) help to soothe redness and inflammation. A unique Herbal Complex, featuring 7 different natural plant extracts, also acts as a ‘shield’ to protect hair and scalp from environmental irritation.

You can indulge in a natural hair care experience in the comfort of your own home, with salon-worthy results. Let NüNature Hair Care restore the youth and health to your crowning glory today!

NüNature Hair Care is available at all leading pharmacy Central Region: Alpro Pharmacies, AA Pharmacies, Lesley Pharmacy, Village Grocer, Big Pharmacies (coming soon), Multicare Pharmacies (coming soon) and etc.

Price Range
Nünature Shampoo/ Conditioner 250ml – RM23.90
Nünature Shampoo/ Conditioner 450ml – RM35.90

FYI, you may check out their social media website at:-
Facebook: Nunature Malaysia
Instagram: nunature_malaysia

Jeremiah Teoh

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