Boyce Avenue - Kuala Lumpur

26th January 2015

I was so thrilled when my friend told me that she gonna gave 2 entrance tickets of 
Boyce Avenue Concert for me as my early birthday present. So...I jump 7ft tall of happiness...
Maybe just too much bad stuff happens to me recently and I'm totally out of mood to move on till this "fairy-god-friend" sparks my day by telling me that... ever since, I'm looking forward for this concert so much I barely focus on my own activities...

28th January 2015
I was surprised by my "fairy-god-friend" when she withdrawn an cool looking envelope from her bag...ITS LIVESCAPE ENVELOPE!!! I actually took a long time admiring the envelope before I check the inserts...(LOL)... expected, Its the golden ticket to the concert!! I jump again this time... (LOL)

As the part of their Asia Tour, this is their FIRST TIME EVER to play LIVE in Malaysia~
I wonder if they know I'm their kipas-susah-mati (direct translate from die-hard-fans)

Venue : KL Live
Date : 12th February 2015
Organizer : The Livescape Group

The day itself. I don't just go like I'm not prepare okay, I practiced some of theirs covers so I dont end up like a ***cking bimbo and shouting like a monkey...
I charged my Canon 550D, flash gun's batteries and even borrowed a tripod. I just wanna leave a good memories behind with good photos. (thats what a blogger can dream of...sometimes....)

I know concert gonna be jam pack with I decided to go with casual OOTD
Top: Padini
Bottom: Zalora Singapore
Shoe: Wakai
Watch: G-Shock

As the opening, JinnyBoy appear and Namee (a local band) performs a little.

The Boyce Avenue came out somewhere at 2115HRS...woohoo...the mood is up high in the sky!!!

I apologies on the photo quality... My camera was not allowed into the hall, so, I only manage to snap some using my LENOVO VIBE Z...


I used to admiring them from the screen, I simply couldn't believe that this night, they were so close to me...

See you again Boyce guys ROCKS!

Jeremiah Teoh

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