Times Square - 2nd Floor East

Times Square upgraded again! You know they already has district like Tiny Taipei, 1st Avenue, Central Park right? This time round, they came with an idea of placing everything together under one floor. They called it Second Floor East! The main attraction to this floor are basically food! Food!! and more Fooooddd~~~ Don't be surprise though...Did you know? Boat Noodle opened another branch here...which literally mean another long-Q eatery shop...lol

Beside that, Times Square actually re-designed this particular with more fake plants, LED space looking lighting(brighter too). These plants...aihz...I really do wish they were real...If you needs real plant at low cost, easy maintenances, do contact me for further details :)

Beside Boat Noodle, there are several eatery shop too, and the foods? Oh darlings...I believe I have the taste of many, definitely these latest additional shops make you drool tahap banjir tsunami...really... My first stop was MJ Cafe. If you know who's William and Steven Corner, MJ Cafe was from the same chain, they serve local food with improved recipe to serve to everybody...
Taukeh has prepared these dishes to welcome us...trust me, you're paying for good food! 
Apart from the norm dishes, MJ Cafe do serve good dessert and drinks, Like what you see below, the 3 Layers Tea was made with palm sugar,milk and tea. Palm sugar is a better choices than brwon sugar as it wasn't too sweet to begin with. also the fragrance of it taste better. Another highlight for this shop is their brownie with ice-cream...seriously got me drop dead eating it..I used to drop by Chilli's for their brownie, but now...i have another option as cheaper price *teehee XD
My next stop would be Sumo Sandwich! Oh dear...Cheating day at it worse! (I actually on-diet lar...don't drama course I do concern on my weight) 
These sandwiches...frankly speaking, I seriously do think that they imitated Subway concept, BUT...with better bread choices, better taste, better looking also longer too! It's 7 INCHES BABY!!!
With the owner...(sorry, both left and right isn't available, girls and gays, stop dreaming XD) 
 These are MINI-SUMO, specially made for special occasion like parties, conferences and events like it, *thumbsup for such idea...seriously, I do get a little bored with the conventional tea time foods during conference...with this...I don't give a damn already! NGAummm...nom nom nom~~~
 Yes...freshly made before your eyes... *drool....
Taaadddaaa...drool already? Hop over! Tag me along if you're going...I can have another bite and I don't mind bout the hassles~~~

Next... *burp~ excuse me, I'm not done yet...Like I said, I'M ****ing cheating today!!! Hop over ramen... I'm a kipas-susah-mati of ramen...just FYI... So...I ro
Yes, typical Japanese restaurant looking from the outside...
Oh...Cha Siew~~this was perfectly BBQ-ed and it melts in the mouth...
These eggs...so silky one~~~
The main course! Porky broth ramen...seriously very porky...
I likey this one...but I dont't know what does it called...
Sesame and garlic...something I never seen in some restaurant...sibeh jakun right? LOL

Head to my next stop, Big Spoon, the chinese food,western style. According to Alex(our tour guide of the day who also the one who responsible to make all these happen), the owner of this shop actually went to some western country and start up chinese food business...then he flew the same concept into Malaysia...cool right?
Be honest...the only thing that we enjoyed is the set up of the shop, this table we standing next to was placed in the shop and if you were to dine there, you have 2 options. Either you sit on the chair like the super mainstream way or you standing and om nom nom to wonderland~

Here's how their food presentations looks like~

These spoon are bigger than my face~~ for real la...go check yourself if you don't believe me~~

FYI...There's one eatery mushroomed up...its called Rich Bole by PapaRich...Environment? Too dark, foods,drink and dessert~ oh...take all my money and serve all of them!
Top two photo is the same wheat bread, filled with kelapa parut gula perang and it was sooooo soft, so fluffy I can even stuff myself up with 5plates of them! I kid you not!
A mini cuppa Mango Lassi, sourish and sweetish...very intimidating our taste buds and a cuppa white coffee...yum #foodporn

My last stop would be a Korean street snack...Oh, in case you don't know about me, I'm very much into Korean foods...their BBQ are one I always die for~~~ So we head to KkulDak! (cool duck?!)
This cute honeycomb looking is their concept... They marinated the chicken cubes with spicy sauce (comes with different level of spiciness) and also with honey~~ It's crispy! It's sweet! It's SPICYYY~~ but IT TASTE SO NICEEEEE... Not just that, they have another one flavor which is Garlic honey...this is to serve to those who can't tolerate spicy~~
It serves with a 3 pieces of little hashbrown, their signature chicken cubes and some toppoki ( korean rice cake)
Or you prefer "value" set which comes with Honey Yuzu Tea?
Or you wants diffferent sizes? All cater to your needs on the go~ Tapao or dine in...you decide on the spot ok?!
While for Tammy... She's back to her Korean for a little while in the shop~

Burp! *rub my tummy clock wise~ I can't believe in a day, I stuffed so many food and drink into my stomach...this is equal to cheating over diet for 4days! OHMAIGAWD!!! T_____T 

The foods are soooo nice! I'll definitely drop by again to have some bitesss~~~NGAUMMM~ 


For more info, or on0going promotion or even launching new district in Times Square, you may go to...FYI, They are yet to add-in Second Floor East into the webpage, stay tuned!

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