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Good day handsome and beautiful!! Hope you all are has been a little crazy lately, remember to drink more water and stay fit! I have a good news to share with you! Finally I'm going oversea! Phew...finally...I get to travel for 5Days and 4nights! 

As I'm looking forward for the day to come,I start planning what to wear. That's my biggest worry during travelling...It has been a few months back since I shop for a piece of I have headache...what should I wear T____T... Frankly speaking, I'm tight to my neck recently due to some emergency and personal matters...haiz~~~that's the only exercise I've ever done recently...running out of cash! day, as I was browsing Facebook, I came across a "sponsored site" called  HiiTee, This page was "liked" by many of my friends and to my surprise, this is my first time saw this... a few clicks later,I was directed to their website.

 As I browse through their page, I fall in love immediately with the minimalist designs and also the Aztez inspired designs they offering... Just the way I always like, simple yet nice. A few scroll later, I found out that they are doing August Sales! the price of the sales? As low as MYR5!!! Tell me mama, where on earth you can find this price?!!! Pfftt!!! Spill blood like water fall!!!

Beside just selling, they actually put some efforts in telling us "the online shopper" what it is made of, this and that... #tabik100kali .
Happily, I clicked for a Mid Length Navy Blue Pant (MYR25) and a Short Sleeve Navy Blue Tee (MYR10). Total damage =MYR25 (ONLY!!!)

 It's summer and some advice from my friends who based there, I was told to prepare more tee and short...else you prepare to get "cooked"!

While for delivery, they sent the parcel via PosLaju. I won't say this is not a good or bad choice, everyone has their own preferences. We can't satisfy everyones's need anyway...
I placed my order on the 17thAug MIDNIGHT, and guess what?! My orders came to me on 19th Aug afternoon by PosLaju!!! Oh Mai God! I'm so impressed! Not just that, the parcel came with a little surprise too! A small pin badge of HC (High Cultured). One word for them, Lovely!

Don't be over excited as not all the items in the website are priced as low as MYR5! But on the normal price, it is still affordable...really...not stick only T-Shirt or Short Pant, they have quite a wide range for mens! From your head to your toes...just click yourself away (please stay in track and mind your own saving!!!)

Now I start looking for a location for my #OOTD photo-shooting and also showing off my haul! By the way, now I have a short pant and a tee, but that won't last me 5days4nights there right? Hmmm...wonder how much I need to spend to complete the 5days 4nights looks... FYI,there will be a night or two where I'm required to attend some function, which means, I need to pack formal attire too! #fml ,God! I don't even have a luggage yet!!! *spillbloodlikewaterfall 

For more information about HiiTee, you may go to their website to find out more on their latest promotion!

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Instagram : @hiiteeonlinestore/

PS: HiiTee do not sponsor me on the items I've purchased, I write about them because I'm happy about their service and the products... #kthxbye

Jeremiah Teoh

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