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Hello handsome and beautiful~ I've wrote so much about how to be handsome and beautiful, its time to talk about how to get healthy handsomely and beautifully right? It isn't about how you take care of your outer, you gotta take your inside too...isn't it? Now tell me, which of you drink at least 2-3 glasses of milk everyday? 1.2.3...none of you...LOL (you wouldn't be a baby now if you're the one reading this as baby drank more than 3 bottles a day for at least 5 years since they are out from womb...) 
Anyway, recently, I've attended the first product launching event here in Singapore...and yeah, I didn't actually mentioned anything about it on my personal/whatever you call social media other than saying "Blogging journey bring me as high as 62nd stories..."

Nah...a proof to show that I'm actually there...lol...This is 62nd floor of Repulic Plaza 

Speaking about milk product, way way back, there's Fernleaf, Ducth Lady or even Anlene...do you notice that all of them looks the same? I mean...is in powder forms isn't it? This time, this post, you'll see the different milk form.

Yes...Introducing to you the non other than Régilait, the milk expert from France just made its foray into Singapore.

This brand can be a little new to many of you in Malaysia as this brand has yet to expand their wings there...patience patience yeah my Malaysian friends a.k.a readers... What impressed me was, they all comes in 1 flavor...not funny strawberries or chocolate or butterscotch flavor but just vanilla...clearly, they are focusing on healthy side. Targeting all ages of consumers, they comes with 4 types of nutritional value where you can choose from.

Régilait Calorie Reduced 
This fat free product helps you maintain your weight. For those with diabetic and high cholesterol concerns, a glass of Régilait Calorie Reduced only serve 89kcal which you still can whallup lots 
stuff as an average woman needs to eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain, while an average man needs 2500 calories to maintain. You concerns about your calorie intake, drink this!

Régilait Calcium Plus
Everyday, we need at least 1,000 mg for adults and children aged 4 years and older. Serve 2 glass of Régilait Calcium Plus to meet your daily calcium needs. Contains optimal composition of calcium, proteins, vitamin D and phosphorus, this fairly formulated milk can easily absorbed into bones. 

Régilait Multi-Vitamins
Yawn the moment you wake up for work till you go to bed at night, you need this! Contains 8 vitamins like A, D3, C, B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12 will make sure every each corner of your body will shine inside out! Suitable for working adults, student and sport enthusiast, you probably loose vitamin on each step, maybe...that explain why your lack of concentration. 

Régilait Low Fat
Contains 14% more calcium and 25% less saturated fats than regular dried milk, For your daily balance diet, you probably need this...why not, its low fat~! Everyday, we needs many types of vitamins to keep us awake and for each task you assigned to. Same goes to vitamins, they have their own function to perform in our body. Vitamin B1 and B2 helps our body to use nutrients, where vitamin B9 helps our cell division and replication. For red blood cells formation, you need vitamin B12. 

Wonder how Régilait milk looks like?

See! I told you...probably this is the first time you ever see dried milk in this form... As from Régilait, they have this special way to granulate the fresh cow milk into this form. Cool isn't it?

Product briefing gonna start...

The event kick start with speech and introduction by Mr Jazzini, Export Director of Régilait

Followed by Miss Ming Li, Asia & Oceania Area Manager of Régilait

Nutritionist Miss Ling Ai was invited to share more why Régilait is good for us and what Régilait will help us in our daily diet. 

As attending event, many of us will "jaga imej" or maintain the coolness. Same goes to me...but when I found out that the foods they served before the event start was either baked or cooked with Régilait milk, my jaw drop~~~ (can't imagine anything) 

So...we were served with LIVE cook show by Chef Lisa. Chef Lisa shared lots of useful tips about how to cook a curry that NO NEED STIR!!!, no oil, and use Régilait!!! Wahlaoeh~ #winliaolo!!!

Her main course of the night are the combination of both Indonesian Curry and Padang Rendang paste by Dancing Chef. (You can get these at FairPrice)

Beside curry, there are many other food and beverage she demonstrated. 

Strawberry Milk Shake

Chocolate Milk Shake

To sum all up, Régilait Milk is,
  • 100% milk product that packaged in France, 
  • 100% tractability and quality
  • 100% cow milk (no fillers added, no maltodextrin*)
  • 100% dissolve in HOT or COLD water~!!!

For a person who suffer mild lactose intolerance (very mild, a glass of milk will cause me diarrhea for at least 3-4 hours). Frankly speaking, I still take milk on day to day basis but I take in a very small amount or take it on different time in a day. I find that Régilait milk are rather smooth and silky to begin with. To compare with many powdered milk brands I've tried, I vote for Régilait from now on! Due to multi functional value it carries and the nutritional value it has. #yamsengwithRégilaitmilk

You may find Régilait at selected Fair Price and Coldstorage stores island wide (Singapore) selling at $22 only.

Also, you may check out their Facebook for more recipe and information about Régilait at 
Curious of how Régilait are made, you may wanna check out the video below,

Au Revoir and hugs
Jeremiah Teoh

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