Hello!!! I'm back! Phew... I've been so busy till I talks, screams and kungfu even in my sleep!!! I guess that's what explains why I'm always tired and constantly fell asleep on my desk in my office... After all, September ENDED! Wake up people!!! GreenDays come singing again~ Cut the craps, I'ma continue with my 3rd day in Taiwan. Let's go!

Waking up in Kaohsiung, knowing it's my last day and I gotta check out from my big room, I felt reluctant lor...I wish I can spend more time at Kaohsiung~~~huhu... Since I've done packing my luggage the night before, checking out is just a flick of finger. From my little research not so research about getting to Taichung from Kaohsiung gonna takes roughly 3 hours of train ride, I seek permission from Robert to allow me to check out slightly later so I can grab some food before I depart. He granted it!

Since I've strolled around Kaohsiung, I still don't know which way I should go for food...So I just blindly walk around and found one restaurant/cafe which serves Taiwan Japanese Fusion food with very affordable price.

This meal comes with a bowl of  refillable seaweed soup and refillable drink (orange and green tea) and a bowl of white rice, (did I mentioned that is Taiwan, they serve this cute round Japanese white rice...everywhere?). Best part about having a meal here is I got accompanied by the owner's poodle!

As soon I finished my food, I make my way back to my room to retrieve my luggage. I checked out way way off the scheduled time. Swear I'm not testing Robert's patience! I'm just...duh, *stomping legs, I don't wanna leave Kaohsiung~~~

I board on cab and head over ZuoYing Station (the cab fares are probably round NTD100-150). Guess what! I bought the wrong train ticket! In Taiwan, they call train as Huo Che and Speed Train at GAO TIE (pronounce as K-AO TI-EH). Bear in mind, the price is different from the moon and back! If I've ask for certain direction and guides, I wouldn't be spending so much just for a train ride...I sob~

Once purchased is never refundable... So! Please do your research!!! I learnt my lesson the hard way...Cry lo!!! That's NTD765 or SGD33!!! To compare with Huo Che, I probably gonna spend only NTD250-300 for one way ticket! Sob sob...

The train journey was surprisingly fast! It took less than 2 hours to reach Taichung Station. Right upon arrival at THSR Taichung Station, almost immediately, I was approached by a taxi driver looking middle age man. Keep talking in mandarin like I very understand like that... Cut the craps, I felt cheated at the below to find out why!

Like what we call "KUTU" (FYI, this group of taxi driver claims to be anything beyond your imagination and they will offer you widest range of services they can just to tell that they are damn reliable but you gonna pay them an exorbitant price...) in Malaysia. I felt something isn't right as he keep offering his service by offer to call the next AirBnB owner for the location (that's because I fucking dumb for not doing research or did too little!!!) As he is calling Liu, the 2nd Airbnb provider, this Uncle He keep dragging my overloaded luggage... End up, I be a stupid good boy and followed him to his car... Fuck! He chews Pinang (areca), a type of addictive fruit that will cause mouth cancer, the scent in his car...I feel like gonna vomit!

During the journey to my hotel, he kept telling me that in Taichung, you need cab services to go around because the public buses here sucks...(that comes from Uncle He!). So, it's highly advisable to enroll on his service by just fucking pays NTD5000 for one whole day trip (from 7am-10pm). You can go anywhere you want! I don't buy over his story then immediately he changed his topic to Taiwan locals snack, the pineapple tart, Tai Yang biscuit and yadah yadah yadah...I agreed to him to drop me off the shop as HE FUCKING MENTIONED THAT THE SHOP IS ALONG THE JOURNEY TO MY HOTEL!!!

So...Uncle He made his illegal way just to stop right in front of the shop...(oh yah, the meter in the cab isn't turned of and it keeps ticking as minutes passes...). I spent about 20 minutes free loading the samples and making my way out of the shop empty handed... Well, I ain't stupid... To my surpise... Knowing I didn't purchased anything, his friendly attitude change 360 to shitty. All nameable pattern came out, yadahing his is sleepy, broke, tired, how hard working he is...Fuck la! I damn tired and all I want is faster reach my hotel and have my sweet shower! Oh yah, he stop by one pop up store to replenish his damn Pinang...(you probably can imagine what's my fuck face now)

At the end of the ride, I call it off just within walking distance of my hotel when I see the meter reaching NTD600! Fuck you man! I'm more than impressed! *#1slowshakeheadandclapstoyouUNCLEHE!

The Airbnb provider is also another issue (though it isn't as drama as the cab driver, I still gonna rant), Liu don't understand English and can't even understand my Chinese...At this point, I already damn regret landing in Taichung! As soon as I step into my room, In my heart, I literally scream out WTF!!!

  1. The room is not what I booked.
  2. The room smells like ashtray.
  3. The room is small like my maid's room.
  4. Balcony door's handle/lock is damaged.
The only plus point from this Airbnb provider are,

  1. Top security premise.
  2. Convenient store just opposite.
I'm literally screwed... No mood to play liao lo! *slowshakeheadandclaps#2 Can you even imagine, I just fucking touched down Taichung and I've spent NTD1400 ONLY on transport!

As soon as Liu left my room, immediately I went for a cold shower and meditate in the room. I just don't want all these shitty stuff to ruin my entire trip... Soon as I cool down, I do some research of where to go within walking distance or at least still reachable by legs.

And yes! I go around blindly again as according to my little quick research, there are plenty of restaurant and stalls around my hotel.

I just went around blindly and aim for places which I can work my magic on my impromptu photography... least there's a place I can effortlessly snap with my tripod with all passer by giving me smirks~ #Ibuattaktauje

Since my last meal was taken around 11am-12pm earlier, my stomach starts its melody and when I look at the time, it was already 6ish...Time for food hunting in Taichung! Let's go!!!

They called this Dan Bao Fan (Egg wrap fried rice), in Malaysia, we called this Nasi Goreng Pattaya. Honestly, not my favorite... It just a normal ketchup fried rice or you may call it Overload Ketchup Rice. 

Saw lots of customer ordered this Fried Oyster, I give it a verdict? I'll call this Overload Ketchup Fried Oyster. 

Last but not least, Beef fried with Water Spinach. At least one I can accept and kinda liking it. 

After my so called dinner, I went asking around for "hen duo nian qing ren de na tiaw jie" (that street with lots of youngsters) because I forgotten the actual name of that market. Till one young lady told me that the night market is called FengJia Night Market. I soon float according to the direction she told me...

May I present to you, the most youngsters street in Taichung, FengJia Night Market!

Since I've been to 2 night market on first and second day, I didn't expect anything but crowds. Plus, I'm already exhausted because I spent so much time on the travelling and dealing my with up and down emotions... I left FengJiaNM after strolling a few street and free loading aircond in some stores.

As I'm heading back, I saw this very intimidating dessert shop and I decided to slap my butt on the chair because the price is very very very very worth it! Range from NTD50-280, you can order all of fresh cut fruits with shaved ice...

So, I've ordered this bowl of crazy fruits with mango shaved ice topped with honey dew sorbet... Just perfect to end my first day at Taichung...Or at least get over with Uncle He and Liu's accommodation.

There goes my first day at Taichung. It has been a roller-coaster day indeed!

Part 3 End.

Till then!
Jeremiah Teoh

-Tomorrow I'll be heading to Sun Moon Lake!!!-

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