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Hello handsome and beautiful~ Thanks for your support and your kind regular visiting to my humble little blog... I just surpass 10k view! That's pretty slow and I guess,you reap what your sow is right! Since I started blogging till today, I've been updating my blog on and off...blame on my transition and other personal matters ok...But I've been so blessed... Despite my low reader rate, sponsors has been real kind to me. Thanks readers and sponsors. Without you guys, I won't be where I am today... Honestly, I felt more handsome than before too~!!! 

Recently, I was invited to a launching event of ClearSK and I was given a opportunity for a session to try out one of their treatment which is, Ultra V-Lift program~! *wow wow* 

Although I never actually feeling feeling to achieve any sort of V shaped chin, but if there's a chance given, why not least, try once as you only live once! #YOLO Also...having a V shaped chin is one of the trend nowadays, "joining V chin club*

If you haven't what I've blog about ClearSK---> <--- Click this link

As appointment was made, "my heart goes bedok bedok" (I think Singapore recognized this very well) course I'm worried and excited at the same time. Thinking of going with empty stomach would bother me, I grab some light food as I'm heading to ClearSK which within walking distance from Stadium MRT station. 

Taaadddaaa... Saying myself never been to any beauty centre in KL, lie lar...I've been to countless and nothing there impressed me like ClearSK did... You know, many beauty centre only spend money on their exterior and neglected their treatment rooms. Not for ClearSK! Not just that, they even designed a relax area which is open to all their member...

After register at the counter, I was served with a glass of warm chinese tea and a warm towel... Urgh...I felt like a boss suddenly...LOL

Well...this is standard procedures as you chilling after rushing here and there, you'll get a glass of drink and filling up your particular. 

One of the consultant leads me into their consultation room and explain to me what to expect from this Ultra V Chin treatment. Although I don't have a serious double chin problem, this treatment can serve to firm up our chin area, so you don't get those sagging or hanging chin. Each treatment can last at least 3 weeks depending on individual. I was lucky, for my age, the consultant told me that mine could last at least about 1 month...I'm young what :P

Before I serve you my #noshame selfies, bear with me...I just got off work, I put nothing on my face course I know, I'm going facial after work. I don't looks glam lor...

As soon as I put on this head cap, lied on the bed, my face was immediately cleanse with their house brand cleanser. It was refreshing though...probably because my skin had absorbs all the whatever in the air the whole day and you know...

Soon after dry my face, I was lead to a room to take a BEFORE photo of my face (chin)...beware of the photo down below...GOSH! I can not!!!! Auntie Jeremiah??? LOL

Notice there around my chin area, there's a little bubbly or supple looking in between my ear lop and my chin...that's the area we are looking forward to improve. First, we will start from my right side course as per her experiences, she said that I've been sleeping at my right side and that causes my right side are slightly more saggy than my left side. Let's go!

A little expectation from this program are firmer skin overall. It lift our brows,face and jawline are, this energy bypass skin surface to reach into deep muscular layers and initiates the body natural respond to stimulate the growth of fresh new collagen and strengthen weak collagen thus smooth out the fine wrinkles on our skin. 

How It Works
  • Machine was FDA approved from USA.
  • Non invasive and non-surgical skin lift. Direct ultrasound waves can reach as deep as 3.5mm-4.5mm into our skin.
  • Strengthen and stimulates collagen
  • Painless and no downtime.

She first applied some gel called treatment gel to make the who surface glides smoothly. At first I thought it was a aloe vera gel as it smells like it and does looks like it. 

I didn't get to snap the machine but I believe this isn't a cheap machines because I literally felt nothing or any painful on me as she glides around. As she continue, I started to feel a little prickish (it does feels like something inside your skin are burst into smaller cell or rather similar to the feeling of electrostatic). As she goes on, she kept reminding me that this is sensation you'll get and I'll get used to it as she go on. She went around my chin and neck area in circular motion with that machine.

Yes...I'm getting used and started to falling asleep course its really comfortable~~~ and yeah~ The first treatment can only see a very slight different...If you were to know, the skin does feels tighter, firmer and also sore...As per conversation with the beautician all along the process, this soreness will continue for another day or several days. That sore I'm feeling is exactly like I just munched 3 apples at one go...

Soon after the treatment, I was pampered with soothing mud mask...the favorite moment of my life! I don't know, but I kinda look forward for this mud mask every time I visiting beauty centre...LOL

Sleeping owl...I literally asleep for as short as 15-20 minutes but it feels like I've taken a really a good long rest. I really feel so comfortable and grateful to be able to experiences this treatment with ClearSK. 

I'm sorry, but you really can't tell much different with just one treatment. What I got was, tightness around my jawline, soreness around my chin area and I used to have this little baby double chin, it does looks smaller to begin with. I would say that most fine wrinkles has cleared...ready for SQ plane to land...(lol) For overall process, I would say that I really enjoyed every single second spent at ClearSK. The most obvious change after one treatment jawline looks pretty define..which, previously I barely see my jawline...hello jawline xD xD

For a person like me who always look myself in the mirror, I do feel that my jawlines are more defined than before...not much,just a slight different and if I'm given more opportunity,

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Till then and Au Revoir~
Jeremiah Teoh.

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