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A good hair cut is extremely essential for both man and women. Unless, you're talking about you don/'t give a damn at all... When I went to Taiwan, I had a haircut and that makes me always wanna source for a good haircut at another country. Since I've not done any research prior traveled to Taiwan, I mustn't repeat the same experience twice! This round, I'm going Bangkok and I'll make sure I did enough survey and read the reviews.

Prior travelling to Bangkok for the FIRST TIME in my life, I've asked around my friends who are a regular there and Google a little bit myself. My friend actually recommended me to head over Never Say Cutz located at Thonglor. After I did a little mapping, I find that Thonglor is a little far from where I'm staying. So I find another one around Siam me, doing reach via phone is extremely challenging! But! When there's a will, there's a way right? So...I found Tew's Barber Shop....

Tew's Barber Shop Story

Since being established in 1994, Tew's Barber Shop has served generation after generation of men with style and the thoroughness of service only to be found in traditional barber shops. Back in the day, there were almost 30 barber shops in Siam Square, and while almost 20 years have passed, Tew's is among the very few to remain dedicated to its craft, through the rise of popularity in unisex salons and the ever-changing world of fashion.

Recently renovated, this barber shop at the heart of bustling Siam Square is back with a fresh yet classy new look, offering a space where there's no boundary between men of the old and new generations. With specialized services hard to find at other places like shaving, eye cleaning, face massage, ear cleaning, manicures and many more, Tew's has returned to stress that going to the barber is not just about getting your hair cut, but a place of intimate community that offers style, a good time and good company.

By reading this, I'm feeling their promised are assured... So I decided to text them via Facebook Messenger... To my amazed, they reply pretty instant and respond to my each question promptly... What's more exciting is, they speak English...Now I'm feeling beyond assured... Well, I have those experiences of a bad haircut that cause me to wears cap day in and out for a very long time till I decided to visit a expensive salon to had it fixed... I certainly don't want this bad experience to repeat.

At first, I wanted to visit Ekkamai's branch which I initially thought that is the nearest to my hotel, after confirmed my location, I ended up booked for appointment at Siam Square branch...Like I've mentioned, each and every questions I've asked was promptly replied. I wonder who is the one that replying me behind the screen with such a patience...Thank you so much to entertain!!!

I booked an appointment for my friend and myself at 1900hrs to prevent too early and too late (if you're from Malaysia/Singapore, please be aware that Thailand's time zone is an hour slow than our time). So...whatever time you told them is in Thai's time...

The shop is pretty visible from the Siam Square direction as it was just across the careful, the traffic are not an easy slow moving sloth.

Beer are served for FREE, how generous of them, not only 1 glass, but 3 GLASSES! Two of my girl friends are not giving them any business but they got their shares too! Respect!

Scrolling through my phone looking for the photo of the best Pompadour I had previously.

The show begin.

I told him that I want my hairs to be fluffy and puffy...

Alcohol kicks in and I'm going lala land in my mind.

FYI, this guy that put so much patience in trimming every inches of my hairs is the OWNER of this branch. I didn't get to ask for his name after several attempts of trying to talk to him in English which I don't get much respond but smiles from him (since I can't see his mouth, I assumed that his lifted eyes showing that he is smiling gua). Does he understand English or he is chasing time? Sorry if I asked too much... I just can not..LOL

Going into barber, this is the moment where I lifted my butt an cm away from the seat, keep my teeth attached, stop smile and hold my breathe...and PRAY hard  my skin is not tearing apart by this razor. (FYI, razor is refreshed after each customer, get your barber to change it or make sure they change it in front of you before letting them shaving  you with razor. Hygiene and cleanliness is a must!)

After enduring about 15 minutes of intense cutting and shaving, I finally get my hair washed...I had the feeling that his magic gonna be magnificent!

After wash of course blow dry will follows...I like the feeling being pamper.


Soon after he done blow dry my hairs, he asked if I wanted my hairs waxed, I said yes enthusiastically like a small kid saw ice cream... 

Last pose in front this magical shop before I make my ways to feast over seafood bbq at Mangkorn Seafood! It almost feels like having a haircut in an antique shop. 

Personal Verdict


Frankly speaking, I've read several reviews saying that this place is seriously small. I agreed! But..but...but... The whole design of the shop are like the pieces of love they puzzled together. 

Everyone are nice and cool, some of them do speaks fluent English. So, for those who are looking forward to have your haircut at Bangkok especially in this shop, please gather all sort of hairstyle you want to avoid disappointment. Unless, you can speak fluent Thai, then it shouldn't be an issue for you to communicated with them. Apart from the front where they placed 2 chairs, there are actually 3 small rooms equipped with a basin for hair wash, 2 large mirror and medium size chandelier hanging on top. Served beer is by the brand Leo, it was the most awesome when I get treated like an adult (finally). I will definitely visit this shop again for my haircut on my next trip to Bangkok. 

Thanks Tew's Barber for such a magical experience even just a haircut. This simple blog post is a small token of appreciation for your kindness. Till we meet again. 

Jeremiah Teoh

For more information, you may explore information below.
Address: 432/4 Siam Square Soi 9 Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 252 3989
Price: Cut+Wash+Style= 500Baht ($20)
Operating Hours for both Ekkamai and Siam Square: 11:00 - 20:00 (Mon-Sun)


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