WAKAi - Japanese Shoe Brand

The spirit of WAKAi defined by five letters: S-M-A-R-T; Sport, Music, Art, Retail and Technology as the spade of the collections, activities and brand identity. WAKAi ライフスタイル (pronounced ‘Wakai Raifustairu) derives from the Japanese word of “Young Lifestyle.”

"This brand is born to satiate the lifestyle of the young dynamic spirited individuals. WAKAi creates lifestyle products that are carefully crafted with passion and dedication in the fused of Japanese inspiration. The product embodies the modern look combines with the Japanese culture heritage. In each of the pieces made, every little detail tells a story. This unique combination aims to bring a very interesting inspiration to the fashion industry and sought for a consistent expansion to the market around the world. WAKAi products range from footwear, accessories and apparels created as a complete lifestyle concept." - http://dailywhatnot.com

How I owned the 1st pair?
Long story cut short, I cried while driving...yes,I had an argument with my lover,and we decided to stop talking to each other because of what we've been through are too much that hurt both of our heart. We just can't talk straight anymore...

Later that day...Tammy surprised me with a call asking bout my shoe size...I freak out lar...suddenly call to ask for my shoe size...like people will judge your "size" from your shoe size also (I also don't know why I think her so pervert one)...but I didn't lied to her..my size is XXUK. 
Late evening on the same day. Saw her carrying a small blueish yellow checked pouch when I'm fetching her for dinner to talk about my sad story,suddenly she's like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE JEREMIAH....!!!" (LOL) 
I literally fall in love with the workmanship, design, concept, colour, and not to miss out, the comfortability of this shoe... Tammy said wearing it like walking on bed... To me, it feels like walking on cotton cloud...so comfy...

Let's check out the masterpiece shall we?

For shoe wise, the most important part is the joining...I love the neat-ness they sewn...isn't this is nearly perfecto-ed??

The base. Yes, basically the whole shoe, nearly each corner of it was with WAKAi's trademark...

I somehow fancy this print of red crosses at the rubber base...BTW, it wasn't slippery to walk on any surface...

For shoe wise, the most important part is the joining...I love the neat-ness they sewn...isn't this is nearly perfecto-ed??

Seeing this part (head), honestly, I'm a bit turned off...but after I observed in their store, this is somehow their "trademark" though...

The back of the shoe looks like this...almost every each of their collection are identical..

This little logo badge was sewn on too... Yeah...by far,I think you roughly know how many "Wakai" appear on just a pair of shoe...

Yes, I only go for genuine stuff... There's a time my colleague told me her logic, "if you cant afford the high range material, go for their lower range, as long as is genuine..." Still...i buy her idea!!

"Wakai pieces are carefully crafted with passion and dedication in the fused of Japanese Personalities. The material was sewn for endurance and flexibility. All pieces embodies unique identity and design that will inspire young dynamic spirited indivisuals" :-Wakai

And yeah...it comes with a shoe pouch...cool right?!

And their paper bag...

Let's check their store at Sunway Pyramid :D

When I have my own house, I'm gonna have this plate with my name at the entrance!

This arrangement is so easy on the eyes. Just pick what you want!

Not limited to only shoe, they actually sells bag and unisex accessories too.

Actually, I find this placement very intimidating and it makes me start to day dreaming in the store. 

So now you know how this gorgeous pair of Wakai end up on my foot huh...Being a proud and happy owner of Wakai, so...I basically took him anywhere I go...

Boyce Avenue Concert in KL Live

Hometown Taiping during Chinese New Year

Going work...not twerk...

There you have it my Wakai's story :D


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hyder bajrai said...

do you know that actually Wakai is an indonesian brand?

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