22nd Jan 2015 - I'm INKED! *applause *applause

I came a long way before making such decision. This will be forever and I know it. 
Upon stepping into the shop, I got really nervous, cold sweat, butterflies in my stomach and many bad scenes popping in my mind. But I'm didn't regret my decision at all because the results are amazing. Check out more below! I'm impress! I literally am "wow-ed"

For those who are planning to get yourself inked, please think twice on all aspects...there's no turning back when you get a tattoo. Tattoo removal services are out there,but bear in mind, the cost isn't cheap and the pain is even more think twice!

The Guide On Getting A Tattoo

Google the designs, font, words, animal, or just whatever you're looking forward to be ink on you.

As for my idea, I took a long consideration on:-
  1. Fonts?
  2. The arrangement?
  3. Which part of my body?
  4. Starting from where and ends where?
  5. Animal included?
  6. Where?
  7. Who?
  8. Is the tools are sterilized?
  9. Can I trust him doing it?
  10. Etc...(there are too much to list down...) 
In my case, I've chosen the text "freedom" and some swallows flying upwards (somehow it does give me a lifting energy). You know, this is very common design, SO! you need to be creative to make it different! I did some sketches, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be.
So...what I've prepared was, the image, the concept and the font. Since I already know what sort of font I want, I took the initiative to ask for my tattoo artist's idea and his creativity to sketch and finalize it on the day itself. I do believe that he must have his very own style font since he has been tattooing since 1988.

Meet my tattoo artist.

Tiger Rich Tatz, is a very humble person and the most friendliest tattoo artist I've ever met! I don't know about you, but most tattoo artist I've encountered are proud ass...but not this guy! He's from Philippine, who owns a seafood restaurant at Boracay (Boracay Fiesta Seafood Restaurant), a tattoo shop in Boracay (Tattoo de Boracay / Tigerich Tattoo). He's very exclusive, so you must make an  appointment to avoid any disappointment.

Consultation process comes first. Tiger is looking at my imaginary design.

Turn this imaginary design to live!!!

TAADDAAA.... Tiger even proposed me the add ons as the background for my design (perhaps I  might extend the design in the future)...Thanks,but let me try on this 1st session first...

Now the design is completed and it's time to trace it on my right you have the whole idea now, how this design gonna looks like..ain't ya...FYI,this is the guide for him to work on, or else the process is going to take too darn long and the result is not gonna be fruitful.

Before proceed to inking room, you need to sign a consent letter saying that you're aware of whatever gonna happen...

Rubbers on! Luckily I bring my camera along to capture all moment before sit down and got in another way,this help me with my nervous feeling...

It is your right to know whether the needle that they are going to use on you is a "fresh", sanitized, new or unused... Don't do it if is not! you just put your life on me, carrying a diseases on you form nowhere sucks!!! Be alert...don't go there drunk just you're afraid of the pain...

The tattoo gun plays an important role here, the faster the rotation of the needle inserted into the gun, the faster the process of the way, the pain level also depends on how many needle you used. In my case, the design that I've chosen are consists of fine lines, therefore, it only required a needle, the bigger the picture, the more needles you need,thus...means more pain...

Before proceed to inking, they will use alcohol to sanitized all the tools and also our skin to prevent infection and stuff, therefore, to prevent dryness, some tattoo artist will apply vaseline.

God bless me! Here we go!!! Check out the time lapse video below that I took during the whole process, which takes about 30-40 minutes long. But my video is only 10seconds.

This time lapse video is taken with HTC Re Cam 

TAADDAA Facebook worthy moment of a happy kid that just got the REAL tattoo!!! muahahahahaha...ever since that, I've been using #asianguywithtattoo LOL
Check out some of my post I posted on Facebook below...

A piece of advice for my readers, please please your research about getting inked properly, I don't hope to see any of you regret getting a tattoo whether on the design or whatever because this is for FOREVER and EVER...(even more lasting than fairy tales ok!)



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