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I get a lots of questions about my skins,how do I maintain it, what do I put on it,what brand do I use and the list goes deep down under.....
Here's my sharing to all of you. This gonna be MY VERY OWN experiences using various of skin care products which introduced to me and all these gonna be what i experienced.

I started taking real serious on maintaining my skin at it's best condition.
*ticktock it's coming to damn 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY!!!! I basically starts with real basic/cheap products because I don't know much about whats my skins like,what is good and whats the best for me.
So...I started with...(mind me, there's gonna be tons of brands I USED/still USING.

L'oreal Men Expert ( Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer)
I was introduced by a friend of mine in the mid of 2005. He (his sister owns a facial salon,so basically he sort of "knew" everything kinda person) told me to do something to my skin to maintain the young,clean and fresh and of course a healthy condition of it mainly because im still young and its easy to shape my mind...(maybe)

Pond's (Wash Off Facial Mask)
Using merely a cleanser,toner,moisturizer,eye creams IS NEVER enough!!! So, I was told to do facial mask TWICE a week, and I started with Pond's. Of course, being a newbie, we tend to become real RAJIN practicing it,do it more than twice a week. and YEAH! my skin never feels better. (not to the extend of doing it daily,is harmful and wont show significant I was told,so I only like 3 times/week MAX!)

As I always mention to my friends, we must BE REALLY CAREFUL when using facial products, some just suit us best, and some are not. I did some trial and error just for the sake of knowing whats suits me best. I chosen,

Clearasil (Facial Cleanser)
I was given some sample while strolling the mall, and like every newbie,why not I gives some try came into my mind, after several attempts, I realized that my skins will pop up some HUGE and PAINFUL acne (usually 1-2 at once). Is so painful I don't dare taking another attempt. Thus,i banned this brand on my table.

My skins condition has never turns me down till late 2007, my elder sister joined Amway Singapore and she came to realized that I am very obsessed towards my skin. So, I was introduced to slightly higher range of facial products. I started with Artistry by Amway. I even pushed myself to higher limit by asking for firming gel, color evening creams.
I'm in college! Bringing myself to another level as well!!! I started to take concerns on pores enlargement due to too much exposure of sun lights, lack of sleep, dehydration and of course,COFFEE and so on so forth that contributes to these skin problems

 Artistry Essential by Amway ( Facial Cleanser, Toner,Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Color Evening Cream, and Firming Cream )
Literally, I was FLATTERED with the effects after 2-4 weeks of using this brand. My skins improved a lots. I looks more confident during public speaking, I taught some friends about facial cares (usually verbally). Skins do feels more toned,hydrated, firms, and healthy. I don't have much issue with eye bags mainly because I applied eye gel each freaking day!!! This loyal customer program continue for another 3years.

So happen my housemate (a girl) bought a set of facial products,she found that the products doesn't suit her. It was sold me 1/2 the price she bought. (she only used for a week and she doesn't like it).

Shiseido.(Facial Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer)
This time, I AM EVEN MORE FLATTERED!!! Just after 1 week of using it, my pores are minimized!!! I literally don't see pores AT ALL!!! (I'm saying fact!)
This loyalty program continue till I finish the whole set before I use back Artistry.
Being a student is too poor to buy a complete set of Shiseido back in the days.

I never stop practicing facial mask back then, I use brand like:-

St. Ives
-Cooling Firming Mask
-Apple Peeling Mask for Pore Minimizing
-Facial Scrubs to reduce some uneven texture on skin

Due to poorer me, I switched back to L'oreal Men Expert till late 2009. I started to work again! Save some cash,I ride my lousy motorbike to 1Utama Parkson and get myself some expensive and pain in the ass products:-

Bio-Therm Homme ( Facial Cleanser, Toner,Moisturizer, After Shave Gel, Body Toning Gel, Pimple Cream and Eye Cream)

What I'm doing is actually for the sake of maintaining the condition and I dont as well pushes myself too far to the level of plastic surgery (not yet...or maybe won't)
It don't shows any significant improvements on my skins, I don't face pimples,acne, scars, dark spots or wrinkles/ shaggy problems TILL im 25 years old~!! Gradually increase on weight is part of the of the problem, becoming more manly ( like the photo below) I started to realized that, no matter what brand or skin care you're using, stay HYDRATED is the best solution, thus...plain water is my new illusion brother.

Begining of 2010, i changed to another level. Yab...i never stop taking care of my skin...really........
Mom always praise me eg:-
#waaarrr...your skin so clean
#very good skin, take good care of it
#good gene (is so obvious she's indirectly praising herself and Dad...LOL)

Kose (White Liquid Facial Cleanser, Lotion a.k.a Moisturizing Mask and Moisturizer)
The reason why i chosen this brand is because it was famous with their Sekkisei Lotion cum Facial Mask. It will lock the water in your skin and make sure it stays hydrated through the day. I was told so...
Due to it's price, I took a step down, saving my tummy from being empty, i tried new product :-

Hada Labo (AHA/BHA Facial Cleanser, Lotion (ONE DROP LOCK UP THE OCEAN) and Moisturizer)
From the tv commercial ads itself, I was convinced and I don't even think twice getting it because of the price. Well, it doesn't bring any harms to my skin fact,i loves this the most!!! 
#1 Price is way way way way cheaper.
#2 Moisturized my skin perfectly and let my skin stays hydrated.
#3 Easy to get, All whatsoever pharmacies, super market, bla bla bla are selling it!!!

Today, 2014 and counting~~~
I wont step out from house without applying anything on my skin. Looks, what it does to my skin? I'm blardy 27 years old with puffy cheek, minimal pores, not much black head,white heads problem, rarely have pimples, nearly invisible scars and of course, I never feel so good with such a skin at this age compare to some of my ex-high school friends who are still struggling with the skin condition.
I never regret spending so much on my skin at young age. I keep telling people that "when im 40,I'll looks like I'm 30"! ( I might cheat a little by getting some Botox or filler injection then...LOL)
By the way, I started to use BB Cream (Blemish Balms) from some weird Korean brand, CC Cream (Complete Cover) from some Korean brand as well on several occasions, As well as, Lancome Absolue UV SPF 50 PA ++++, Sun Block ( in rare case).

So, what i put on my face today?
Guess yourself :) 
Please some comment below if you wish to know more in details.Follow my Instagram for the latest update on my photos, or Facebook to send me a friendly request :)

Till then 
Au Revoir


Tammy said…
wow this is like a skincare history on your face bro!!! and your skin helloooo still look dam good for 27 year old okay! COngrats on the opening of your blog :D keep up sharing!

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