The Apple Of My Eyes

For those who added me in Facebook or followed on Instagram, i believed that each of you knew that i'm a crazy maniac dog lover right?! (FOR DAMN REAL MAN!!) I've longed to own a pug,not that i don't like other breeds,just that, i personally into pug and their kinds...short haired,flat faced, poppy eyes and of course a companionship. Basically I have 3 dogs ( 2 adult Mongrel named Puppy and Rocky and a little Pug Emma)
Cut short the grandma story, they were all adopted! FOC!!! 
This post,I'll be featuring my one and only Pug, Emma De Patrizio (that's how crazy I am when comes to name...i even use De Patrizio because SHE IS MY DAUGHTER!!!) ROFL
The single eye pug.

She was found by a lady name Helen, she couldn't have anymore dogs because she herself have half a dozen back in her house. So she gave it to me...FOC XD

Im not sure what happen. According to Helen, when Emma is picked up,her left eye is hanging out like a earring.


23rd September 2013

Helen,she's the one who found Emma lingering around her house.

Pug is born to be a life companion,since I'm staying alone, why not having a little dog round around and accompany me...right?

She gain weight no matter how much I feed her, i feed only holistic food(Golden Eagle) and only change the flavor once a month. Having the same taste and smell of food is boring...once a month is good enough...LOL...
Whenever I ironing my clothes, she will just sit wherever she's comfortable and look at me once a while.
She'll chase me if i try to flee away from her...dont get cheated by her short legs and fat body,she can finish a round of football field in a minute! I do realized that she not used to drink from bowl,instead, she prefer to drink from the hose...ZzZzzzZ...fresh water maybe...

Here's are some candid of Emma De Patrizio during day time. Such a lazy bump isn't it!

*lick *lick

My expression is always like this...
Get use to this because you gonna look after me till my very last breathe. 

Day 1 to day whatever,I'm not doing anything but just vacationing...
i got shelter , food, water and some times snack WITHOUT
doing anything... XD

Let me in please!!! Daddy!!! PLEASE... 
*stomp her legs
*stomp her legs

Heng! Don't want open don't want lor...i go play with 
Puppy and Rocky gorgor (brother) and make sure their body is covered with
my saliva! i ASSURE you that! 

P/S: Photos are NOT EDITED in any forms like SATURATED, COLOR ENHANCEMENTS / ADJUSTMENTS, or CROP. All are freshly produced by Canon 550D with portrait lens.

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ALSO : if you cant locate me in INSTAGRAM, #emmathepug will direct you there...then you'll find that,Emma the pug is not alone...MANY MANY MANY EMMATHEPUG around the globe!!! FOR REAL!!!

Thank You.


Anonymous said…
This is such a great rescue dog story and I'm so happy Emma found you and vice versa. Emma's beautiful!
I'm a dog (and cat person) too! It's hard to have a cat, however, when there is a doberman AND a rotteweiler around but I know that I'd like to have a cat one day too.
And, I know exactly why you love a pug. I've always wanted one too and will probably realise that wish one day with a PUG...and a CAT!
Great blog and photos, by the way.

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