Boyce Avenue Kuala Lumpur Attacks

Can't wait to meet you all in person!!! My idol!!!

I was on Google looking for acoustic songs many dogs years back. Somehow, I discovered this group and I've been listening to their enchanting songs ever since. 

To my surprise, I came to know that LiveScapeGroup is organized the one-night-only show this coming 12-02-2015 (woot!woot!! valentine is just 2 days apart) at KL LIVE for this dearly group who made the names shine in YouTube when they came out covering A-List artistes song in their very own acoustic way.  The Boyce Avenue IS COMING TO KUALA LUMPUR!!! As part of their AsiaTour performances (like first time ever!!!), they gonna performs in front of their 2000 over Malaysian's kipas-susah-mati (direct translate from die hard fans). Now what?! I'm one part of the kipas-susah-mati *proud*. Why not? I used to sing along, admiring them through screen...but now??? They gonna be performing right before my naked eye... *JUMP 6 feets tall!!!

Also, Narmi and Elizabeth Tan are one of the featured as opening acts and hosted by JinnyBoy. Limited tickets availability...grab your chance because I personally have no idea when they gonna stop here again!!! PLUS!!! Valentine is like 2 days away, to have a little sparks in your relationship, I strongly suggest you to get a pair of tickets and hold your partner tight witnessing Boyce Avenue singing!!! 


  1. Early Bird Tix RM158 Groupon *SOLD OUT*
  2. General Tix RM188 TicketPro
  3. VIP Tix RM258 Ticket Pro
Here's my favorite song they covered. Fireworks by Katy Perry. 

For those who never heard of them, this is your golden chance...
See you at KL LIVE this 12-02-2015!!! Please follow my Instagram to see my very own LIVE updated on "Before" "During" and "After" the concert. 

Jeremiah Teoh


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