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1994 - 2003
During school holidays, I have to wake up really really really early to help my parents at the wet market, (just FYI, my parents run a local fruits business here in the morning at Plaza Perbandaran Taiping). Sometimes, I don't even have time to get a morning shower before I'm off to work. After the whole day at the wet market, I believe you certainly know how it smells like and THAT "MESMERIZING" odour of our body could cause you to have short breath  and the worst scenario? faint on the spot...

The younger me is really curious at scents. As far as I still remember, I scout around for body shampoo that last long, but to no avail, there is no such thing...especially when you work in the wet market (like next to next to poultry or fish stall...), that's equal to total of "no need lah". 

Perfume came to my attention back then. For a student, is way way far from affording it. SOOOO...the only thing I can do to prevent myself smells like a rotten vege/fruits or worse, a dead to use some body deodorant...lalalala...I'm a happy boy back then to at least having many different smells of body deodorant...LOL

2004 - present

Try tell me about going out without a pump of perfume or anti-odour spray and I'm so slapping you on the face!!!
HELL NO!!! Being a metrosexual guy, I care a lot about my outer appearance,  so I certainly disagree if I'm asked to go out and about without a concern for body odour.
Somehow, you may not realize that when you're walking around with your "mesmerizing odour" it causes people to keep a distance from you. Come on guys!!! Do something about it! 

Let's see what I do to keep myself smelling good from day to night. Malaysia's weather is forever can't stop from sweating and smelling horribly if you don't use any perfume.

My Perfume / EDT (Eau De Toilette) (do you realized that most men's perfume collections are EDT and not EDP?)

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme 
(present from my lover)

Each Bvlgari fragrance is an expression of pure luxury, it captures the essence of the brand’s refinement and elegance, with it's bold signature. With so many brands that offers men's and ladies’ fragrance, Bvlgari became an unmistakable presence amongst consumers who crave sophisticated and delicate scents. 

The Scent?
The mysterious aroma of the fragrance does stop the passer by to give you a wink and smile. WHY? The product ingredient consist of petit grain and citruses which explain why the fragrance itself smell so refreshing and energetic. ALSO, the person who use this appears to have an extremely masculine due to mineral amber and woody notes.

The Notes
Mandarin orange and petit grain. Middle Notes: Santolina lavender, cotton and Posidonia sea weed. Base Notes: Mineral amber, woody notes and clary sage. 

Bottle Design
Round and Flat...(evil grin*) that's what I can at least think of...OMG!!! Actually, the colours of the bottle itself is already portraying the classy (very atas) man kinda feels. Also, the colour itself does carrying the feels of being in the water and that's how the refreshing feels came about (to cut short,is like I'm spraying you with ice water kinda feel lah...spray,not splash yeah...).

Well, it does gimme the kick of confident using it. Besides, the smells of it last longer compare to CK's (no offense but that's what I've experience)

Working! Party! Events!!! Definitely not for dating purpose BECAUSE you don't to capture other's attention than the one that standing in front you...isn't it?

Available in 30ml (MYR 190), 50ml (MYR 220) or 100ml (MYR 250)

The feels of wearing Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme
 Photo taken at East Coast Park Singapore

Chevignon For Men
by Parfumes Chevignon

Chevignon Brand is exclusive, elite and yet influential. It's significant masculine cologne designed truly for a man of substance with grace, sophistication, elegance and charm. It possesses different notes and ingredients, for instance, rosemary, patchouli, cedar, bergamot, basil and wild mint. This combination gives a mesmerizing and compelling appeal for men to catch the attention and appreciation of others.

"to catch the attention and appreciation of others" (I get lots of appreciation from ladies when I wore this...NO KID!!!)

This fragrance scent is the softest I could find that suits me. I've been using this since 2005 to present. It's a rare brand to some people. Perhaps, you have never even heard this brand before.This brand has been with us since 1979 lo........... 

The Scent?
Woody Aromatic. a bit kick of vanilla too. The smell of it is actually quite intimidating and sexy if you must know. On top of that, if you were to make out with your partner, it does turns you on a little...LOL

Top notes
Tangerine, apple and bergamot. Middle notes are cinnamon, jasmine and plum. Base notes are musk, white amber, sandalwood and moss. 

Bottle Design
Simplicity at it's best! Diamond texture bottle cap with silver-ish coat. 

Ok...First, I was looking for a perfume in a store in 1 Utama, the lady introduced me this brand and she starts telling me how great it suits me judging from my appearance ( she described me like this, gentle, sweet looking, polite and intelligent) WAHLAOEHHHH...AGGRESSIVE SELLING TACTIC!!! Yeah...she succeeded to "con" me... Once I started using it, I find that this fragrance smells really good (which explain why I continue using it till today...damn loyal right!!!).

I usually put it on when I'm going on a date with my partner, watch movie, dining.

Only available as 100ml (MYR 150) XD

The feels of wearing Chevignon For Men
Shopping session with my beloved team mates

Made to Measure by Gucci

This fragrance for men called Made to Measure is launched in fall 2013. It is meant for the “worldly and refined” man “who demands the very best." This scent is actually the masculine partner to the feminine Gucci Premiere from 2012.

The Scent?
Oriental-spicy, "tailor-made" like an expensive suit. Surprisingly, not many likes this "weird" scent huh...but for me, Hello...! ( *Tyra Bank signature hand gesture*) this is CLASSIC MAN!!!

Top Notes
Inspired by the look and feel of a handmade suit; there are accords of Calabrian bergamot (the chemical-smelling approximation of the real fruit; this bergamot smells flat and rough)) Tunisian orange blossom, French lavender and aniseed. Middle Notes are eclectic, spicy and textured, including notes of nutmeg from Sri LAnka, water lily, juniper berries, plum and cinnamon. The Base Notes is luxurious and sophisticated, made of labdanum, patchouli, leather and amber.

Bottle Design
Presented in an classy and of course! with quality glass bottle, weighty and statuesque... The color scheme is the distinguished slate and pearl gray of a bespoke suit and shirt button. A solid metal cap, in an exclusive golden color.

The "weird" smell I said is actually very spicy and nugmety and classy if you're attending a cocktail events... I find this scents is NOT MAINSTREAM at all compare to all other fragrances in the market.

Work! Shopping! Romantic dinner! Event! Parrrtttyyyy!!!
PS: It blends well with cigarette smell...muahahahaha

The face of this perfume is actor, director and writer James Franco.

The fragrance is available in Eau de Toilette 30ml (MYR198) 50ml (RM252) 90ml (RM330)
with accompanying collection.

The feels of wearing Made to Measure by Gucci
Attending SKII event with Tammy

Along these crazy years, I actually used quite a number of brands (if I still can remember)
  • Issey Miyake (summer fragrance) (when I'm going beach or playing sports)
  • Burberry The Beat  use it when I'm hitting the gym)
  • Hugo Boss No.6 (Usually put it on to work because the scent of it is just normal but it does gives some hints of professional yet steady.
  • Burberry Brit (My all time FAVORITE!!!)
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Red,Black (This doesn't smells right for me and I sort of banned it)
  • Bvlgari Aqva Marine (Totally different from Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme) This scent actually a little similar to Pour Homme, and I personally recommend this Aqva Marine to active freaks.
  • Burberry Body (Another girl perfume, just loves it)
  • Yves Saint Lauren Black Opium(This fragrance is actually for girl,but I find it very relaxing to wears it to sleep XD)
  • 212 Men Classic
  • 212 Men Summer Fragrance (FYI, summer fragrance are worth to collect as SUMMER season is so special to western country and they actually put a little more effort in designing their collection...PLUS!!! summer fragrance usually comes in limited number...First come first serve darling!)
  • Ermenegildo Zegna (Zegna) (Present from my lover...Urgh...super indulge with this fragrance, so sexy!)
  • Daviddoff Champion Energy (Red) (wears it when hitting gym)
PS: I'm not selective if you wanna present me something, Think PERFUME! Because perfume will always be No.1 in my wishlist...the more the better...Na na na! I'm not asking you to buy or whatever k! Just sharing with you only... (Terima kasih kerana membaca suara hatiku.)

PPS: Yes...I crazy over perfumes.........ask me to dance or make up so I can get a MEN perfume for free, I won't think twice...

PPPS: I own all these perfumes and I'm not talking about it blindly...check out my Instagram to see what I'm saying is true or not...Cheers <3

Jeremiah Teoh


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