The GAP Haul

This brand has been sparking my fashion sense ever since I step out of my hometown 10 years ago. Honestly, I always thought how pricey it could be till this year end sales, I decided to step in and grab something to wear... and to my surprise, they were running crazy promo. My jaw drop upon realization... ITS UP TO 50% discount if you purchased more than 4 pieces at one go... So... all I can say was... I went totally crazy trying everything on!!!

First I tried the sweaters...

Merino V-Neck Sweater (Promo Price MYR 75.50/ Actual Price MYR 159)

Out of so many colours, I finally decided to grab the purple one into my shopping bag.

Next. I had my eyes on some pants (just maybe). So, I tried on some (actually I mean lots of them)

Lived-in Skinny Khaki (Promo price MYR 169Actual Price MYR 209)

Lived-In Slim Camo Pant (Promo Price MYR 169/Actual Price MYR 209)

The reason I tried this on is because my group of brothers were planning for a gathering and they set the theme to be CAMOUFLAGE. But...due to budget constraints, I decided to put the turquoise lived-in slim fit khakis into my bag. 

And some jeans too :D

1969 Skinny Fit Jeans (Worn Vintage Dark Wash)
(Promo Price MYR 169/Actual Price MYR 209)

You may roughly know how much was my damage so far...gosh, no wonder my wallet never grow fat..

While waiting my girl friend (girl kawan) to try on so we can share the damage together, my eyes can't stop staring at their collection. Well...Christmas and New Year is around the corner, this promo wouldn't last long so I'm thinking...why not a little more damage if it's still within my budget...

so................. a little bit like I said...some boxers XD

Large Buffalo Plaid Boxers (Promo Price MYR 19.80/Actual Price MYR 49) 

Handkerchief Print Boxers (Promo Price MYR 19.80/Actual Price MYR 49)

To sum it up, I actually wear it all during my shopping spree in Singapore during Christmas.

How do I look with everything on? XD

By the way, did I mention that I was wearing contact lens?
Yab... Isn't obvious at all right? This particular brand of lens is designed to enhance our natural asian's eye. Which explains why it doesn't looks obvious. Upon putting it on, I barely feels the lens ( this is true). From time to time, I do check if it still attach to my eyes.

Ciba Vision Freshlook Illuminate-Disposable lenses/color contact lens - the colours they invented was Jet Black & Rich Brown.
During my shopping, I put on Jet Black. This is sponsored lenses by #mrlensmalaysia 

See the different? Cool isn't it? I actually like the sharper edge of black eye. #butterflymsia@mrlens_malaysia @tammy_miu for more info on products and services.

Jeremiah Teoh


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