My Repeatitive Wardrobe

Last December 2014, I went to Penang with my colleagues for 4days3nights work trip.
1st and 2nd day, they couldn't tell what I've bring for the trip. 
3rd night,I shared the room and toilet with my Senior Sales Manager and she freaked out! 
In the bathroom, she basically saw what I'm using for hair,body and skin. In the hall, she sees what I've done with the clothes I bring. the 4th morning, she "awarded" me with a title, "The Beautiful Guy- the not sissy one". From then on, I realized that I've done so much to get this title...

In my wardrobe. 
I have a small one. but trust me, mix matching is still HARD...Most of the time, I will ask myself...Why I don't have clothes to wear...I hate repeating the same shirt/pant/whatever. Sometimes, I rather go out the whole day wearing the same thing because I wanna save up the hassle thinking what to wear!

Some peek!
I've done some #OOTD (outfit of the day) post on my social media platforms. Just in case you haven't follow me on my Instagram or Facebook , please do so. Who knows I might be talking or sharing about what interests you. :)

My clothing sense ( the reason I don't wanna say fashion is because I don't think that I'm qualify to claim that...yet...) has been since sparks when I'm 9years old. Thats when I pick the colours, style or design that I keen...Mom don't hate me more doing that, in fact, she's happy that I can be independent doing that for myself.

Basically, what you have or don't have are what I do have or I don't have. 

Some of my possession can be repetitive, but bare with me, I do hope getting more! The more I earn, the more I share my OOTD.
Brand wise... ---><--- Who doesn't like or love branded...If only I can afford, I'll pile up my wardrobes with brands like Massimo Dutti, Fred Perry, Ben Shermans, Armani, Burberry, and many many more!

Check it out!
Got this piece of Speedo nylon short (SGD33) at some sport shop in some mall in Singapore. I wore it during my lovely trip at Singapore last Christmas. Was thinking that this finely sewn short with the bright orange colour would match the beach perfectly. AND YES! it turns out heavenly!!! Super mad love!!!

This hooded jacket is the most saddist jacket I ever have in my whole life! Though it looks a bit like a Burberry's prints (to me). I paid MYR 99 for this piece  at some shop in Sunway Pyramid (probably closed down due to arrogant attitude of doing business) and I only found out that this nearly perfect piece has printing error and causes me dare not wear it for any outing...

 My very first Knitted Sweater! Super mad love with the diamond shapes and it's colours combination, Got this piece from Padini during sales, total damage for this is piece is MYR50 for 2!!! So...I got another 2 colours like 1piece of Grey and 2pieces of Green (final total damage? MYR100 for 4 pieces of knitted sweater!). Nerdy spec from some random shop in Sungei Wang Kuala Lumpur (MYR 19)

Hohoho! proudest ever possession!!!
My lover presented me this Tux on our 3rd monthesary...G2000, MYR799 (one tux, one matching black pant, and one working shirt).

During the casual outing...MYR99 for the top from GAP,  Levi's can't find this piece with this length outside because, I kisiao (went crazy) go and cut off the long jean to short simply because I can't afford and 3/4 jeans. This piece costs me MYR 299. Now? no value... #FML

Quicksilver Surfing Short
This is also another brand that always my first choice of finding something to wear during beach-ing (beach outing). This piece cost only MYR89 (RP MYR259) because people like me only shop during crazy sales!!! 

Top from Padini that cost ONLY MYR39 for 2 pieces) and bottom from Levi's which cost me MYR 299 (yes,he survived till today)

Got this army printed top from Professor (a shop where you can find all sort of uniform for students) only MYR23. But...tell you what, only for one time wear!Because the shape went off after a is neither long or short,wide or tight... #FML again...

QuickSilver Top MYR69 only!! (RP :MYR119)
White 3/4 pant from Thailand (no brand,survived like so many years in the wardrobe...)

I've always going out plain,simple but not simply whatever brand K!
Like this top,I got it from HusgPuppies which cost me MYR49 (during sales) and it turns out to be slightly longer than i expected. 
Repeated this black jean from Levi's #FML again2
Shoe: Pedro MYR 299

Top LOVED shirt from G2000.
Maroon Long Sleeve (I have another one which is Pastel Pink,but...Emma killed it...tear it off with her paws and teeth... *sob sob) MYR119/2...
Cheap of not? Of course...only got this crazy price during sales!!!

HushPuppies Grey Top MYR69 (During sales again...hahahaha)
Long black pant that cut off to be 3/4(again) from H&M MYR69 ONLY!!! 
Now? no value... #FML again 4
Watch: G-Shock MYR354
Shoe: PUMA MYR289

Denim Top from a random shop back in my hometown, pant from SEED.
Top MYR109
Watch: Solvis Titus MYR1099
Leather Shoe: BONIA MYR259 (during sales too)

Repeated both outfit, but mix matched it does it looks after paired up?

Blogged about this attire before.
Check it out here 
Leather Belt: SpringField MYR129 

Salomon Sweat T-shirt, MYR98 upon register for 21KM trail run at Janda Baik
Bottom from Fashiongraphy, 3 for MYR100...
Shoe. Adidas MYR180 (during sales)

Before I end this posst, I wanna tell you,my beloved readers, that......
My birthday is coming soon!!! Looking at my miserable wardrobe...I just wanna scream... I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR FOR OUTING!!! 
LOL...10years back, you might don't hear that coming from a hahaha...let me scream it out if you wanna hear...LOL
Birthday Wishlist?
!!!!shopping spree...!!! #TakeMeWithYou (pay for me too...LOL)

Jeremiah Teoh


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