Let's Go Taiwan and LOHAS

Usually when you talk about Taiwan, you may relate to the famous boy group named F4 which appeared on Meteor Garden many years back.Also, artist like Jolin Tsai, Jay Chow or Ah-Mei are also the most common topic when you're blabbing about Taiwan. 

Well,for myself, I only get to admire everything about Taiwan from the screen...BY FAR...Yes! I haven't been to Taiwan...yet... I'm so curious what this Asian country has to offer. Well, grass is always green from another side...

Taiwan-The Heart Of Asia - *LOHAS Way.

I was born in a small town in Malaysia called Taiping. Speaking about bushes, climbing trees, rambutan, coconut or mango trees or cycling deep into the wood with friends was part of my daily activities when I was younger. Soon after left the crazy childhood, I find myself stuck here in the concrete jungle. Thus, me and a group of friends came up with an idea of going hiking, camping (the overnight one) and some waterfall adventure. It was great by far...
As we grow, we have tons of responsibility and commitments that causes us to stuck here and travel less... As you can see, I'm quite a adventurous and nature kinda guy. Basically I'm easily attracted to flowers, plants, birds, scenery or anything from the nature. 
Therefore, writing about a trip to Taiwan can mean so much to me (which also gonna be my VIRGIN TRIP) and I wanna experience it the different way.

Ok...where should I start if I were to go to Taiwan?! Just by doing little research through the net already makes me feel I'm so so so going there already...what's more?! Check the table below, I took it from the net and paste everything in a piece so you can have a rough idea what Taiwan has to offers!

You see, there are so much "to-do-stuff" in Taiwan, some veteran probably missed out a few to do thing there...and feels like I need few more trip to Taiwan now!!!

The Top 10 Must Do In Taiwan (Jeremiah's ways)

#1: Hot Spring
Well...In my home country, there are few places that do offers natural hot spring, but, because Malaysia is so summer, I enjoyed yet not really enjoyed the hot spring lah, dah so hot, hot spring some more, masak saya ke? WHY Taiwan? If you do research and plan carefully, soaking in hot spring in COLD WEATHER is HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! *rejuvenate *rejuvenate my body~~~

#2: Bath House
Some hotel/motel offers bath house, where you can spend quality time with your lover in the private bath house, dipping in the tub and have a glass of champagne. To sum up the day, you imagine yourself lo... Another reason why I wanna highlight bath house because of the Ghibli Studio movie "Spirited Away". Which yes or no kick in me to at least do it once in my life time...it looks so enjoy hor...

#3: FruitsVentures
My parents sells fruits at morning wet market, due to this, I knew Taiwan is famous with their agriculture too...beside Thailand. Being a fruits lover, I will plan a trip to their fruit farms or fruit market IS A MUST!!! FYI, those seedless watermelon is actually from Taiwan, they are famous for their humongous, juicy, sweet and seedless watermelon...

#4: Camping Under Sky
Malaysia is always summer + rainy. So is really rare/never to have cold weather. In my Taiwan trip, I wanna experience at least a night camping outdoor, sleeping in the tent and stars watching at night on the mountain. If I'm permitted.

#5: Bird Watching
Yes, I've mention about this above, I love birds... Their feathers are so soft and fluffy, so colourful and it will make a picture perfect...effortlessly. Being a ex-photographer, I still possessed some photography skills and equipments and also #know-how-to-handle-a-camera-well-regardless-what-brand-it-is. There's a time I visited a bird park in Kuala Lumpur, I must say, I spent my whole day there admiring the birds...

#6: Waterfalls
FYI, Taiwan is also country with lots of tribes. Thus, is not a thing to worry to go into the woods, I do foresee that in the jungle, there will be some hidden waterfall with fairy-tales comes alive feels. SO! a jungle trekking IS A MUST too!!! This will be the only way I can kick off my Wushu skills under the droplets from the waterfall.

#7: Cycling 
In home country, I admit, due to the hassle of not having a transport is troublesome and tiring. Therefore, everyone seems to own at least a car for whatever reason. Honestly, I'm sick of driving!!! 
Also, these days, the LOHAS trend is gaining popularity as people begin to be more health and eco-conscious. Taiwan is well-known for its LOHAS practices, and there is no better way to experience it than to travel along the breath-taking coastal highways by bicycle! In my head, I wish to cycle around Taiwan and who knows! I might just encounter the not so mainstreams things if were to compare to others...

#8: Yoga
Trust me, I do YOGA one ok... Although I'm not the frequent one, but I loves yoga. Taiwan is also well known for their landscaping. So I must at least get a yoga class by the garden or anywhere that is so Zen. I don't know, each time I practise, I tend to sweat more than I runs...weird but true.

#9: Massage
I wouldn't say this is a must in the travel list. But HARLOWWW...Look at my itineraries up there, you don't feel tired I also tired lar...Thus, a full body massage session is not sinful at all isn't it? Imagine this, your body is rubbed with oil de stress (whatever massage oil you want), dimmed light room, lemongrass  essential oil burned and filled each corner in the room, comfy bed and get your body massage by masseur. BEST DAY EVER!!!

#10: Sunset
To sum up the whole trip, a glass or mojito on the hammock by the beach witnessing the sun setting down IS A MUST...to fly back to Malaysia, facing all the hassle all over again, I believe this trip gonna be in the memories for a very long long time. 

Why I wanna go Taiwan?
My family went, my friends went, my uncle aunty cousin nephew wholala all went to Taiwan EXCEPT me... (damn kesian right?!) Apart from the top 10 listed things I wanna experience in Taiwan, I am not planning it to be a lonely trip, I wanna surprise my lover and reward a trip for both of us for our 2nd year anniversary.

When I'm back from my Taiwan trip, I will share with you all my photos...from my eyes and my camera... #selfie too :D

-The End-

You may seek more information here in the link below
*LOHAS = (LOHAS means “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”)

Jeremiah Teoh


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