Lenovo Vibe X - Happy User

This post is specifically written for Lenovo Smart Phones (FYI: this isn't paid post, just because I'm a happy user and that's what triggered me to talk something about it...)

My very 1st smart phone was Samsung Note II, but...it was stolen from me on Dec 2013 in the cinema at Sunway Pyramid. Ever since that, I'm always being sober through days and nights....to one moment I finally get over it, Its August 2014 already...thats how crazy time actually flew before us...

4th August 2014

TADA worthy moment!!! My first ever Lenovo smart phone!!! This purchase cost me MYR800!! The best part is, this phone is way cheaper than any retail price because IT WAS THE HARI RAYA PROMO DEAL!!! Best-est deal ever! Not just that...every box comes with a PHONE CASING (which Samsung/Apple DON'T HAVE), a SCREEN PROTECTOR (which Samsung/Apple ALSO DON'T HAVE), and basically whatever you can find in the newly open phone box...

ILOVEYOULENOVO   <<--- click and have a browse through here!!!  

I won't think twice for a good phone because my main concerns is the CAMERA...back then, Samsung cost nearly MYR2k, while Apply cost more than MYR2k, I cried days and night because to own one good trendy phone, the pain in my heart and wallet is seriously seriously unbearable...be frank, half of my salary will just vanished into thin air. 

Owning a Lenovo VibeX...*phew...I melted knowing this is the phone that I've been looking for!!! For so God damn long!!! Its definitely cheaper than Samsung/Apple, What to die for??? With rear camera of 5MP comes with beautify feature (which makes your skin smooth smooth and crystal clear eye balls) with main camera is damn freaking 13MP!!! Back then, Samsung only came out with 2MP(rear)/13MP(main) and Apple was 1.2MP(rear)/8MP(main)..FOR REAL??!!! Now I'm more happy knowing the fact... #FML and this is so funny for us to pay double for a phone that doesn't worth that much...

There goes my days as a happy user of LenovoVibeX...

[[WARNING: Parental advices as this posts has too much of #noshame selfie]]

Let's check out the amazing photos taken by #LenovoVibeX
My very first photo showcasing the phone with my #OOTD 

And many many many more posts showcasing my phone and me...damn proud user!!!

What about mother nature??? 
These are the images that I posted on my Facebook. Some of them are enhanced with Snapseed, Cymera or Photogrid apps. Whatever it is, I'm just enhance the color and the dramatic-ness of the mother nature.

What about #selfies? #Wefie? #usfie?
Don't vomit because I'm the guy who love taking photo of myself...or at least,I'm not always taking photo alone alright XD

April 2015
The new Iphone 6/Iphone 6 Plus seriously caught my attention. So I went around surveying about the prices and trying to get a good deal despite knowing the price is a BOMB! So...I went Maxis (also damn loyal user), Digi, UMobile to ask about the offers they have...

10th April 2015
Early in the morning, I got so excited and went around telling my colleagues about what packages is out there offering good deal for Iphone 6. I totally didn't see this coming my way... (Wait,I'm not trying to be damn superstitious, but this is actually happened to me!!!) check this out! 
The old tales some time can be very mean, you are forbid TOTALLY talking about getting a new material while using the current one!!! even just a thought about getting a new phone! So, in my case, I told everybody I wanna get an Iphone 6 with whatever the deal out there...who knows this very precious phone of mine misunderstood my intention and obviously is a damn very small gas phone EVER...I placed it at the center on a bar table, I wonder what is the evil force that make this phone fell off the table and horribly injured the face ( I categorized this as "commit suicide/ died on the spot by landing with head). There goes my Lenovo, my most beloved selfie phone...

28th April 2015

I made an public confession... This is seriously killing me!!! Pets saving, personal saving, house loan saving, travel saving, car loan saving and whatever saving I saved all gone due to house moving #MTFK!!! #FML!!! so...no selfie phone for me :'( #crytilleyesbleednow!!!

Just so you know, I've loved you so much and so much than loving myself...you made me love myself by more selfie (is that even relevant?? ) LOL...This is crap! 
Long story cut short...This VibeX was the best phone I've ever owned! even way better than Samsung Note II... 

Jeremiah Teoh

PS: Dear Fairy God Father Mother...wake me up with a brand new phone...preferably from Lenovo again...with selfie feature... XD


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