Suunto - Weekend Offroad Warrior - Into The Woods

06-06-2015 marked an very memorable date for me as I'm going to the Weekend Offroad Warrior organized by Suunto. I'll be following Malaysian4Wheelers to Lata Kuinin (discovered by them and named after Kuinin which happen to be a type of fruit that inherits the mango looking) which geographically located 30 minutes away from the heart of Karak town, Pahang. I'll be traveling in 4wheels drive car also!!! This trip is made happen by Suunto because they wants me to experience the new Ambit 3 Peak HR watch as well as the adventure!

 Let's check out my ride of the day below...

Young and cute but Dangerous! Suits my personality to the peak!!! My abang driver name is Azrul. He's a bit quiet (maybe because he don't know me...but he's nice! Each car has equipped with a set of walkie talking with its coverage up to 10km!!! That's one hella talkie!

The journey took off around 0730 from my house in Kuala Lumpur and we had a major gathering around 0800ish which literally wow-ed me...I simply didn't expect I will meet so many of the members from young to middle age,FYI most of them wears Suunto watches too!!! So many range,so many colors and so many designs!!! hich kinda cool just so you know...

We gather at BHPetrol, had a little chit chat and a little business,get to know your drivers/members and of course,before start rolling (thats what the call when we hit the road) we freeze the moment forever...

Frozen the moment right before we rolls to Karak for breakfast. 

About Suunto

Suunto was born in 1936 when Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass. Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers and sports instruments used by adventurers all over the globe. From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, Suunto physically and mentally equips outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory.

Suunto Ambit 3 Peak HR and Weekend Offroad Warriors

This latest smart rechargeable digital watch was given to me a couple of week before this expedition. 

Knowing I'm going into the woods, I need a compass in case I got loss, but out of my expectation, this watch itself do shows me the latitude as well as longitude! Awesome right?!

Not just that, once I hit the start button that kick off the Point of Interest (starting point), I can continue to check the time as I wish and also check on the route I've travel. If happen to lost track, don't worry, Ambit3 Peak HR will guide you along. If you paired it to your smart phone, your jaw will drop even more knowing why on earth there's a watch which is so smart!

Also...if a watch was made perfectly for adventure, surely it is made for waterproof as well eh? Right?

And YES! This watch is made to sustain to the depth of 100M! Not recommended for those who loves to dive, snorkeling? Yes, you can wear it while snorkeling~no worries :D

Knowing this watch is made for adventure, I never take it down for any of the activities hits on me the entire trip, just some time I cheated a little, I took it off for photo shooting purpose~ All photos of the watch be it on the land or in the water was taken on the same day!

The watch's band is really comfortable I must say. I've been wearing watches to work and leisure purpose, but the moment I put on this, I literally can feel that my wrist is still "breathing"...LOL

At 1030, we reached Karak. Thanks Lord for such a magnificent weather, I truly enjoyed every bit of it. After we had our breakfast at Karak, we are heading to Lata Kuinin that not really far apart and yeah...let's start the engine and rolllsssssssss~~vrooommm vrooommm...that's when the time pass quarter of 1100 in the morning...

Mostly the tar road was surrounded by green (one of my favorite and also my lucky color...hehehe). Our first destination would be Bamboo Trail "High Country".

Let's check it out!

Gathering point for all the wheelers because we need to go by sequence, I believe this depends on the strength of the I was at the 6th place...cute,young and dangerous red (one and only striking color leh!!!)

Taddaaa... This is Bamboo Trial!!! bamboo, all the bamboos was chopped down as they're clearing the road for easy told me, previously,bamboo was all over this area, it is a very cooling area,shady bla bla bla yada more liao lo...
So...what we do here since there's no bamboo? They play "tarik tali" using 4wheels car...LOL...
No no no...actually they demonstrate to us how they "save" a car if that particular car was stuck at holes/river/muddy road and (I'll leave the rest to your own imagination). 

These are the tools they need to "save" a car which fell into deep ***t. 
This is basically what happen back at Bamboo Trail...LOL (click to enlarge the photo)

After Bamboo Trail, we rolls to Kuinin Basecamp for a lunch break before treks to our main location~the Lata Kuinin Waterfall!!!

From my understanding, this very camp has been set by a team of 2. They came to this spot as early as 0300 in the wee hours... Thanks for the effort, this relief me a lots as I know I will be feed in the next couple of hours~ LOL~~ I made some friends too leh~~~

Not to forget about how the camp surrounding looks like yeh? Check it out!

After our lunch, we treks into the woods!!! Traveling with me can give you culture shock...I'm like packing my whole wardrobes together with me on each trip even just a day trip, some got surprise that I  bring my slippers with me~ LOL

No other than my beloved Fipper Wide~ I'm the most colorful "sakai" in the woods yesterday~LOL


Jungle trekking to Lata Kuinin takes around 20 minutes with lots of up and down on land as well as river, being a adventurous guy (like ever!) this is just piece of cake to me. I fell like twice into the river but I didn't had any cut or bruises...unlike some members~~no leeches climb on me too...blessed~

During the trekking, this is the 1st river I seen once I step into the jungle, #noedit/#nofilter! I'm using Canon 550D to produce this shot in JPEG. Thanks Lord for this perfect weather. This river appears about 15mins of trekking and we crossed it, about 5 minutes later, we reached our targeted location...which is.....

I have to put this photo larger than any other photo...pardon me~~ LOL this is the GEM~~!!! Heaven on earth does exits! People!!! Don't give up life because of unnecessary material or anything! This is LATA KUININ WATERFALL, Karak,Pahang Darul Makmur!!!

More photos? Why not check out my Facebook and Instagram and don't forget to add me as friend + follow me on Instagram k!

We spent about an hour at the waterfall,selfie,wefie,play water,take photos, resting or not resting?Whatever it is, every each of us enjoyed every bit of the moment under the magnificent waterfall...

If you say no one enjoy this place, you probably need to rub your eyes or some eyemo... Everyone is smiling ear to ears~~~!!!

Self obsessive exploded! The aftermath is even worse than nuclear~LOL (I'm the only one who goes topless for like 10minutes, realizing no one did the same, I put back on my YELLow shirt...LOL)

Another angle from the waterfall.

After we left this beauty waterfall, we head back to our basecamp for some rest, I decided to sit in the water, let the water flow from my head to toes, close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the jungle... Phew~~~what a day, one word for all these...FANTASTIC!

We rest about 2hours before we start packing, clearing and cleaning the mess we created, anything that is rubbish are properly taken care of, the jungle,the basecamp remain clean as untouched... Malaysian4Wheelers are awesome! Tabik 1000 times for them!

It's 4 wheels car adventure!!! A little rock, a little mud is nothing!

Heading out to civilization~ bye bye jungle, I'll dearly miss you~

This alley looks very mystique and adventurous to me~

This is the last photo from this memorable trip, Thank Lord for a good day and all the laughters, I felt so blessed~ I was kissed by morning sun and hugged by sun at the dawn, it was perfect!
And......I dozed off in the car. Thank you Suunto and AD Time for such a wonderful arrangement, I have no regret saying yes to you! If there's a second time, I won't think twice no more! YES YES YES!!! Let's CONQUER NEW TERRITORY! (Suunto's slogan) .

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Thanks to Abang Daniel and Abang Azrul for the rides, Abang Amir and the team for being helpful all the time, I've learned the spirit of being being a team members and I won't forget every each of you~ Jom minum kopi someday k! Terima kasih banyak banyak.

PS: I'll blog about Ambit3 Peak HR in more detail in my upcoming blog post! Please stay tune!



Unknown said…
woww the waterfall is amazing !
As_One said…
Terbaik... nanti boleh ajak lagi offroad section...
Jeremiah Teoh said…
It is...a little rock and mud is worth it!!!
Jeremiah Teoh said…
Thanks Abang Amir :)
Jeremiah Teoh said…
Yeah...I'm not afraid!!! Bring it on~~~

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