REV: Be Invisible with Nivea Black and White

Greeting handsome and beautiful! As you all know, there are so many type of yellow, some are very tolerable, BUT! some are particularly intolerable kind of yellow that you wish to get rid / prevent and do whatever you can to not have it..Now you can let go a longest sigh ~ ~ ~

Introducing you the non other than 

This spray has works wonderfully on me...If you did read my sharing on previous post, you'll know that I've been using deodorant spray like ages, I've tried so many ways, used so many different type of deodorant or antiperspirant like rolled-on,sticky glue on ot spray on just to prevent this stain from forming on my favorite clothes...But to no avail...this stain are more powerful than whatever I'm doing...When I first saw the TV commercial about NiveaMen Black and White, first thing in the next morning, I went around looking for it! And the rest is history...

Yes, this photo doesn't looks appealing, but this is the fact! Truth be told, I loves white tee as much as I love dark color tee...but the major problem I always have these yellow (on white) or white (on dark) tee...because of that, I don't usually "put you hands up in the air-put you hands up in the air" know what I mean? 

Ever since I started using this product, on regular basis, I'll check my clothes if there's any stains printed, if is yes, I'll skip that and maybe (just maybe) I'll eliminated that cloth for a very long time...But now...I seldom have this issue as this spray not only reduced the yellow/white stains on the cloths, but it also provides up 48hours of protection...which means, from the moment you sprayed on, you no need to re-spray for at least 48 hours! Isn't that cost worthy?!

As this product claims to be antiperspirant, I would say, it did a good job, not entirely stop you from sweating under arms, but it reduced... Certainly, you won't like being notice having some sweaty underarms...and that's pathetically gross!!!

  • Hold can 15 cm from the underarm and spray
  • Do not apply to broken or irritated skin
  • Allow product to dry completely
My Verdict
Scent: Sandal woody fragrance, but it will go off and leave a very mild citruses smell.
Effectiveness: Well...I still have sweat underarms but I do not have the bad body odor.
Price:  MYR14.31 
Availability: All most all leading pharmacies,hyper markets or mini markets...

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