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Hello handsome and beautiful! This time I'll be talking about Kiehl's!. Without further nonsense, Let's move on! 
This skin care brand has been around and widely know by all ages. But! What do you know and what do you don't know about them?? For instant, beside their famous laboratory/clinically designed shops, clinically tested products, how many of you know whats the product all about and what does it made of? 

I personally have tried and tested their products on my skin, so this time, I'll be sharing with you, about Kiehl's. Which could possibly be my favorite? you'll know the answer at the end of this page. 

When I was presented to 4 babies of Kiehl's,,. I'm like....This is coolest limited edition ever!!! They collaborated with Craig& Karl a while back and embraced it on the packaging, which why you sees colorful packaging  instead of plainly white jar with black wording...

Before I start, just for your information, I have combination skin which, some parts of my face are dry, while the T-zone is little oily. It can also describe conditions where wrinkles and breakouts or dry skin are present at the same time, but not to the extend of having bad skin, I would say, I'm very blessed to have a smooth and bouncy skin! But all these won't last if I didnt apply any product(s) to protect it...


Your skin are usually stressed after a whole long day of working either in or out of building. Especially in Malaysia,where the sun is always hot! As I personally tried on, I immediately know who would be the best user! Those friend with sensitive, dry, and flaky skin!!! As for me, I'm not the perfect user as after a long day, I can fried eggs on my face (too oily). BUT! If I'm going somewhere cold (Genting Highland), this baby is so lovable...I often get skin and lip cracks, during my stays at Genting. Thus, applying this on my face safe my skin from tearing apart! Although this claims to be an light-weighted cream, I must say, it really depends...the condition alter some changed, example, when you're wearing this and exposed too much outdoor, you literally can feel it on your face while if you're indoor whole day,you barely feels anything...(true story) 

My Verdicts
Fragrance : No fragrance! Don't expect for floral or woody...even you're a girl!
Price : MYR 153.70
Effectiveness towards stressed skin :10/10
Effectiveness towards Combination skin : 5/10


Toner mustn't be miss after cleanser! Stick this hard in your mind!! Not just refreshing your skin, it also prevents ingrown hairs, minimized/shrunken pores, extra layer of protection and also gives your skin PH balance.
This packaging is LIMITED EDITION, don't brag and drag if you can't find it in the store. This exist because Craig&Karl collaborate with Kiehl's awhile back. This toner is herbal formulated, beside that, IT IS ALCOHOL FREE TONER!!! You know, if a toner contains alcohol, some user tends to get skin rashes, or overly dry skin, thus, breakouts or redness occurs and you might spending more money to overcome that...So,it is better to  know your skin before you purchase one! As I hands on this, immediately I felt the gentle-ness of the toner protecting my face. I am no lying man...I've been using toner since I started skin care routine, seldom I felt such sensation. Fragrance wise, GOOD BUY! If you can see, there's are flower in the bottle! HORMAIGAWD! This is treasure! Why never one introduce me this toner huh? 

My Verdicts
Fragrance : Ain't no herbal smell,instead it smells like honey~
Price : 125ml - MYR 84.80; 250ml - MYR 143.10; 500ml - MYR 222.60
Effectiveness towards stressed skin :10/10 (designed to soothe problem skin)
Effectiveness towards Combination skin : 9/10

This is gorgeous! Its light-weight! give me awesome protection all day long, be there outdoor or indoor! Fragrance wise...well,just a cream smell and no funy fragrance involved. Was told that this product was formulated with some desert plant extract, immediately I can linked to how dry a desert can be and for a plant to survive, that particular plant must possessed a way to keep them surviving in dead dry area...right? use on our skin (or my skin), I suggest we practice it daily... It doesn't hurt but provides your 24hours of moisture,that's a WHY NOT! 

PS:• Cool Kiehl’s Fact: Through Ultra Facial Cream, Kiehl’s was honored to lend support and protection from the elements to the heroic team of the “Greenland First Ascent” expedition. The six explorers completed the first-ever ascent of Greenland’s ice covered peaks on May 30th 2005

Fragrance : medicated creamy smell...(is it was exposed to hot and dry area too much?)
Price : MYR 111.30
Effectiveness towards stressed skin : 10/10
Effectiveness towards Combination skin : 9/10

Hohoho!!! Top 2 favorite among 4 of them!!! Frankly speaking,I've tried and tested various of PARABEN FREE + SILICONE FREE hair products (yab, some girls lose big time to a guy like me). Never in my life, I felt amazed with just ONE TIME USE effect! My hairs was so soft, so smooth, so manageable with just one application.Can you imagine if you keep using it on daily basis?
Sad, there's no "application direction" printed on the jar, after some research. Its so easy peasy~. The steps are, wash your hair with shampoo (they recommends Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo), rinse off, apply Superbly Smoothing Argan Pair Pak, focus more on the ends and not the scalp area, leave for 1-3 minutes or longer if you have enough time to spare (personal preference) then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water... Now you know how it feels like! #fliphair #swinghair #hairbang (maybe). 

Fragrance : overnight oil smell,not really like but when I blow drying my hairs, it turns so aromatic,  
Texture: cream cheese! that's what I can think of the moment I first touched it! 
Price : MYR 104.06
Effectiveness towards stressed hair :11/10 (drama a bit because it really works on my over dyed hair)

My favorite products from Kiehl's are....jeng jeng jeng...both on the left!!! ding ding ding ding! Decision is final, no judges are involve that affect my self decision...(lol) The CALENDULA HERBAL EXTRACT TONER and SUPERBLY SMOOTHING ARGAN HAIR PAK.!
Whats your's favorite?  

Prices shown may differ when there's promotion or similar on different events, Prices were taken from their official website. 

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Jeremiah Teoh


Mieza Everdeen said…
jeremy i want that calendula toner, hehe! been hearing nothing but good reviews about it ^_^
Jeremiah Teoh said…
Mieza Everdeen, thank you for reading, but...I think this is my last toner i can find at home, let's see if Kiehl's will sponsor me generously,then i'll do a giveway~
Pinku no Sakura said…
Oh JerJer! after reading this I'm sooo tempted to try that Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak!! I recently combating with my dry hair with a frizzy ends...but then the price is kinda TT
Jeremiah Teoh said…
Hi Pinku,thanks for reading my humble blog, I would say,the price is worth it! I've spent a fortune during the battle of frizzy and dry hair due to uncountable times of coloring hair...this jar could last you at least a month as you need only small amount to rub and massage the end part of the hair or just focus more on the problematic area...

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