Dimes- The Orange Nectar

Hello handsome and beautiful! Everything has been real crazy lately! After all the errands, I finally fall sick...Flu, cough, sore throat, heavy head, hot breathe...Before everything get worse, I gotta get myself some fruit juice! But...fresh fruit juice can come really pricey in the mall. and often, I don't really go for Boost or JuiceWork because a glass of it can cost me about MYR 15! Let's leave that for casual drinking alright? 

When comes to ready-to-drink fruit juice, I don't simply select, pay and drink...Many years back, I found this gem that imported all the way from Turkey at JayaGrocer at Jaya33 Petaling Jaya, and this brand has been my top favorite ever since!

There are many brands of orange juice on the rack, why Dimes? Yes! there are too many brands produces orange juice. BUT! what's matter was the ingredients that packed together! I'll check the printing details on the packaging. 

Look at the ingredients...There's nothing like alien ingredients topped up in this bottle! FYI, almost every bottle on the rack has crazy additives, flavoring, coloring and many other alien component that make sure it taste good, looks good and have long life span. Honestly, with all that in a bottle, I won't take a second glance at it...

The juice does looks a little murky to compare to other brand. The sweetness is somehow just fine...I've drank some X brand with crazy sweetness, if I give that to my mom, she definitely say "Crazy sweetness!!! Is the sugar price went down?" LOL

Dimes has been my top favorite fruit juice from many years to count. Other than drinking this juice, I'll go for fresh blended juice...Let's see when I can own a good fruit blender that produce concentrate fruit juice! I've been eyeing on Panasonic slow juicer because of it's cool modern design and the function of it! Why am I still procrastinating!? LOL

Now my dearest reader,Share with me your favorite juice brand from the rack...Mine definitely would be DIMES! Till then~Au revoir!


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