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Hello handsome and beautiful! Please pardon my MIA lately...I've been busy with my my FTJ! Gosh...October wasn't a smooth journey to me...Sigh...I wish I can do much better... Anyway! November will and must be a better! I can feel it lingering in the air~~ Cut the craps and let's move on to the products I'm about to share with you.

Before I begin, let me put this in your thought, what's Bentonite? In a very layman terms, I would say it as a mud from volcano...While in specific ways, Bentonite came from ashes and lava from volcano explosion which went into the sea for a very long time. Thus, tons of minerals absorbed into this "mud". I was told that Bentonite contains up to 66 types of natural minerals that are good for skin.
Also...Bentonite was found to be effectively cleanse our skin deep to the roots, exfoliates, remove make up thoroughly and many more benefits to come!

What's your thought when a soap can be use to cleanse your dearly skins and also have the ability to removed make up? Isn't that gorgeous and in another way, you save up a sum of money for make up removers? Yes! You didn't read it wrongly...Introducing...

                                                             Bentonite's Facial Soap

This soap is made from natural ingredients which is palm oil and its related components. As for girls who wore make ups, this is a good investment! Why I say so? Being someone who do wears make up, I realized that removing make up can be a little time consuming process. Even though I don't wears falsies or really concrete thick make up, to make sure our skin is free from make up before bed, that can really took up to 30mins! With this soap, all you need is wet your face and bubbles up, massages gently and rinse it off. Also...not just face, this soap is also meant for your body...Voila! Clean face and body with just a soap!!!! This soap contains Vitamin C which helps in brighten dark spots and skin,  glycerin which help in moisturized, hyaluronic acid with helps in hydrating our skin. Apart from all these good ingredients for skin, Bentonite was refined with strong absorptive power of sebum and antimicrobial effects.

From my point of view/use:
FYI, so far, I've only used Clinique facial soap. But the combination of ingredients doesn't make my skin any good as I often get dry skin and sensitive after few usage. Thus, I'm a little skeptical about using a facial soap. Upon try it on, to my surprise, I barely feel any funny condition on my face! After several days on continuous usage, I confirmed! No hanky panky feeling at all...
As for its scent, it can be a little overpowering for first time user, as I continuing using it, I get used to the scent. 

Let's move on to second product. 

Bentonite Mouth Wash

Bentonite mouth wash...Seems pretty interesting yeah? I believe that most of us gargles our mouth with the existing mouth wash brands in the market. As for myself, I do not skip this part day or night, I've tried several brands too...But I don't see any significant improvements as it was meant for removing bacterial in the mouth that can cause plaque, yellowish, and unhealthy gums. If were to see the bacteria,  you probably need special equipment to scan...just like what we seen from the TV. As I was introduced to this product, I was told that I can see IMMEDIATE result! As I tried and tested it, I literally WOW-ed...First I use famous Brand X, the next day, I used Bentonite, to my surprise, look at the photo below.
The alien formation you see in both photo was the chemical reaction and bacteria from the mouth wash and bacteria! In our terms, that's freaking PLAQUE! Bear in mind, both products are used in exact same time. which is 60 seconds of gargling before brushing. As I spit it out into the container, the alien thingy that came out started to coagulate and forms a bigger picture within a minute. As for the "taste", for all us, we knew that Listerin or Colgate was full of mint taste, but for this... IT FREAKING TASTE LIKE UME PRUNE JUICE! No lie man!!! As I gargles it, it has a little minty sensation with NO burning sensation...but its sour!!! Somehow it gave me a bigger appetite for big breakfast after using it...LOL
On my second attempt, I used brand X first, then spit it out, rinse my mouth and use Bentonite, still...there was many many alien coming my wonder, my mouth so dirty meh...LOL

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