REV: Printcious-Precious Gift From Your Heart

Hello handsome and beautiful! 
Christmas is coming!!! I started to feel warm and fuzzy! news feed start seeing my friends posting photos of ice!!! Let's build snowman...woohoo~~~Happiest time of year! It also mean...Its time for present~~~~I have a long wishlist from stone age,but...working in Malaysia, where everything goes up but not salary...One day...I'll take that list out and start crossing them one after one! Let's move on to another online website I'm reviewing this time.
Precious Gift From Your Heart

As we all know,there are many shopping website mushroomed day after day...To make one really special to talk about, you gotta be really special...I've blog about a website selling beauty products, and I've shop at many clothing website through can shop for PERSONALIZED gift! That's special!!

As I browse through the website (here), I find it very simple and very straight forward design. There are ton of website that make you really dizzy and so unfriendly,but not

All these customized stuff usually sells at tourist attraction area, now, you can get it online! Now you can plan a secretsanta since Christmas is around the corner...Imagine what your other half, family, friends will feels when they got a "unusual" rather than the gift off the rack.

Choices wise, I would say they have limited choices. I've seen all,But...ceramic tiles?! So far,I've seen carving on ceramic tiles but I've never get or see a personalized ceramic tiles. Hmm...special hor...You wanna get one also right? LOL

For one moment, I was wondering why they don't do puzzle one...after a click, I eat back my thought...LOL...Customized part, you can choose from what you want and what you wanna put...

The green line you see is the safety line that simply tells you DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE...Every instruction provided was really clear and straight forward...unless your mind work like goldfish or octopus...forgetful and blur...LOL

FYI, not all price stated are the final total you're paying, as for puzzle, the prices change as well as the size...Thanks you for your small sign Printcious, it means a lot for a new shopper like me...

I get this a lots...each freaking time,my friends will ask me what to buy for him for her for them but never for me... #foreveralone T_T
Dear reader/those who always ask around because your head can't decide what is best for him/her/heshe or shehe...easy peasy, login Printcious, find a photo or anything that relate to the person you wanna give to...customized it and let Printcious do the job...

As I try to customize, I find it very easy and really convenient. THeir website design is no cluttered or messy. All information are literally there, please open your eyes and read further if you're unsure. Like what Printcious put under their sign, "Precious Gift From Your Heart". If you use your heart, you won't make mistake. Unless is Printcious's mistake, let them have it back as that's what they guaranteed! 

For more info about Printcious,
Instagram: @printcious 

Hugs and Au Revior,
Jeremiah Teoh


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