Hello handsome and beautiful~
As per my recent update on Facebook, I'm pretty sure you all know that I got my parcel from Yab! It arrived outside my house at 1907hrs! I know right...such an unpredictable time for SkyNet, also...on freaking public holiday! Am I being lucky or what???

Anyway...the moment I got it, I got so excited to see what my personalized ceramic tiles became. So excited I wanted to do an unboxing video of it...from my phone..but it was a terrible experiences.

Note: Recording video from the phone save up lots of trouble as smart phones today provides HD videos, But the issue is, while recording half way, calls and messages non stop coming in...which...I gave up totally since I've unboxed half time!

Without further ado, let's see what's inside!

Upon opening the parcel from the outside, I literally felt the whole thing was extremely wrapped to prevent it from breaking into pieces..which, I didn't expect the little effort they put in.

Yes, there's tons of bubbles wraps and to my surprise, I certainly did not expect there will be a standee for this ceramic tile!!! I'm already beyond impress at this stage!

Like any other normal looking tile, this can be fitted onto wall in your house too... just spread some sticky elements like cements, and V.O.I.L.A! Just an idea for you, I'm not doing that...just yet... doubt it will be reflective coated and I've been expecting it for the the way, do you ever see the matte tile? I never in my life...if yes, please leave a comment below so in the future, I know where to find :)

Tadaaaaaa worthy moment~~~~~ For the longest time ever, I've been wanting to frame up the photo taken by my ex-housemate on the right either in the form of puzzle or a huge poster to be hang in my house, but the time and financial isn't allow me to do so. Thus, I decided to ceramic tiled it! It looks gorgeous!!!

FYI, this personalized gift website has tons of other products like shirt, pillow, ceramic tiles, mug, puzzles and so on so forth, browse for yourself if you wanted to surprise someone you dear so much this coming Christmas X New Year at a very affordable price! Please do note that the price might vary according to sizes. The plus point is, every each of the instruction are user friendly...a few clicks, a few drags and forth, you can place your order and wait for it at your doorstep in couples of working days.

Just one thing...This isn't my first time doing shopping online, usually, there will be an email sent you telling you that  your order is on the way. I got it though, but it was a day after I received the parcel. Perhaps, they may consider to be more efficient on this matter, otherwise, everything was PERFECT.

To someone who never/rarely shopping online (I personally like to use all my 5 senses when it comes to getting something), but now, I might practice give and take habit because I am impressed with and their little touch in handling the parcel that are to be sent away.

Quality: 9/10
Efficiency: I would get more than I wanted/10!!!
Price: MYR20/each (vary on size)

Link to my previous blog post about is below

                                              Precious Gift From Your Heart
Thank you for this ceramic tiles, I had fun on "playing" on your website before place my orders:)
For more info about Printcious,
Instagram: @printcious 

Hugs and Au Revior,
Jeremiah Teoh


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