Daniel Wellington X Jeremiah Teoh

Hello handsome and beautiful, I hope you all spent a great weekend with your mom, Before I jump to my topic, I wanna share a little about myself and my new life. Yes, I'm at Singapore now. My transition to Singapore did not come easy as per my update...As per my Facebook regular updates, I've let go tons of difficulties, struggles, challenges and don't mention about sobbing at public! I strongly believe many Malaysian has done that...especially in the train...To those who is planning/coming here to earn a living/support your family back in your home country, my hands are wide open to guide you along...Against all odds, hello Singapore!

Reporting to work on the 18th January 2016 and to mark this day, I broke my record,my first ever selfie in the washroom!

FYI.. My birthday was in February. Yab, on the 28th February it is! (so readers, I'm not trying to be real taker,but who cares, everybody loves present...! I certainly don't mind receiving one or few or more gift from now on....LOLOLOL) Of course! I got a cake and I made a wish...YES! A wish! Not wishes alright... The one and only wishes I've made wasn't a present but instead to find back my missing dog. FYI, On my birthday, I went to dog shelter and left with tears...you know what I mean right? That shelter I've visited is the worse ever shelter ever like ever ever ever ever ever and ever...If you keen to lend strength or money, do PM me and I'll lead you there...

Back to my today's share, Yes...Daniel Wellington's watches seems like a very in trend nowadays! My dream came true from someone I love to the moon and back...Thank you for making my wish came true. The non other than DW Classic Cambridge came to me just before the clock tick 12 midnight! The whole I've been thinking should I get myself a present or not...GARH! What a surprise! I guess I almost tears the second time that same day...

The moment of truth! This is how the Daniel Wellington's Classic Cambridge 40mm silver watch looks like!

DW's watches designs are real minimalist, which explains why so many souls fall at first sight. So am I...LOL...Classic Cambridge came in 2 different colors which is Silver as well as Rose Gold. As myself, silver put on my collection a new life.

"Inspired by the gorgeous colors of a classic flag, this red, white and blue NATO band celebrates timeless preppy American fashion. The playful band, when paired with the simplistic and elegantly slim dial, gives you a timepiece that can be worn to both work and after work. The ultra-thin (6mm) Daniel Wellington watch is suitable for every occasion. Whether you are attending a formal event, playing a game of tennis or enjoying a sunny day at the country club – Daniel Wellington makes for a beautiful companion. Not only that, but with interchangeable straps you will have a unique timepiece for every day of the week."

By just reading these, who don't agree about having at least one DW in their watches collection? For seriously, I find this watch is that really "ready-to-go" type of watch a man can at least have so to attend whatever event, this fine piece still don't looks odd.

If you're worried about it doesn't fit in the corporate event you're going, fret not dude, they comes in various of straps from Nato straps to leather strap, all you needed is just to fit it on your watch and taaddaaa...

Let's see what is in the box.

A manual of how the watch operates in included and also one tiny screw just so you can the strap to leather.

Talk about the price,watches are made from all sorts of materials and have incredible hidden under the face, causing them to be extremely inexpensive or extremely expensive. So when I say the the Daniel Wellington Classic Cambridge is $230, I am unsure if this is an incredibly inexpensive price or an very expensive price.This watch isn't lack of complications and Japanese quartz movement as a signal of an overly expensive watch. 

Some said that the Japanese quartz movement may cause a stir or it might work in a weird way, but I don’t see any issues in daily use. The watch tells the time well and doesn’t slowly change over time, and the lack of moving parts inside means this watch can be used during some physical activity as well. As long as the watch show me the right time and don't simply tell me that my time is faster or slower than the average, I'm happy already. Just...Japanese quartz movement watches has slightly lower value to begin with, In fact, $230 might be on the expensive side considering the list of “features” the Classic Cambridge. But this watch looks pretty great and will fit any style, which probably helps eliminate further watch purchases for the sake of having a “suit watch” and a “t-shirt” watch. Daniel Wellington may be on the high rank now and I believe there's a reason why. 

The best part? I have a matching T-shirt to my Classic Cambridge! This is like the coolest coincident ever! I'll say that this is a great time piece you must have in your collection. If you're minimalist person, this is the most suitable watch! Thanks for reading mates!

Hugs and Au Revoir,
Jeremiah Teoh


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