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Hello handsome and beautiful~~~First and foremost, I would like to apologized for my long time missing from this blog, cut story short, life has been crazy since I port to Singapore and whatever happened back in KL, ( I was there for 10 years) stays at KL.Nevertheless, I never opt for leaving this blogging world hanging...To my sponsors, I'm deeply and sincerely sorry for letting you wait for such a long time...To my readers, I'm so sorry for keeping quiet...(But I did make lots of noise in my personal Facebook though). Again, hello handsome and beautiful, I AM BACK! question for you,
Do you neglect your skin because of tight deadline and schedules?
Regardless of however busy schedules or how much errands you have in a day, you mustn't IGNORE your can ignore the body skin BUT you CAN'T...I repeat...YOU CAN'T ignore your FACE and neck!!! You're in concrete jungle mates...I wonder how much actually the quality air we are breathing in and out of our body...Unless you're staying in Bhutan where the air is nearly touching 0% of pollution.

Recently, a parcel came to me and witnessed how the technology changes us, I wow-ed!!! This is Korean's Latest Advanced Beauty Technology - Syringe of Skin Booster 

Hanangell Syringe Skin Boosters

✓Anti-Oxidant ✓Refine Pores ✓Anti Wrinkle ✓Deep Hydration ✓Brighter Skin Tone
✓Soft Skin ✓Firmer Skin ✓Anti Wrinkles ✓Soothes Allergy ✓Repair Basal Cells
✓Suitable for ALL Skin types

This syringe of transparent liquid really shows significant improvements to my skin even just a few days of usage. My skin stays hydrated the entire day in the office without feeling tightness as usual. Before using this product, usually around 3pm or 4 pm, I'll feel tightness around my forehead and my cheeks area, but the very first day I start to pump this product and replaced my usual moisturizer, I felt the different!

The packaging comes with Korean wording which I can't read a single one of them. Thank Lord that it comes together with product descriptions in English by the sponsor. Each pack comes with 2 syringes. This foil packaging somehow resembles the one we see in the hospital and it is very easy to open.

To prevent spillage, the syringe comes with a breakable tip and you only required to break it when you wanna use it, after pumped the desire amount to your hand, you can cap it back so your precious liquid doesn't just disappear into thin air. (I don't know if it will or will not course the liquid somehow looks like the aloe vera gel but slightly watery to compare with)

This little syringe of clear liquid is actually combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen and composite factors which comes from natural sources... (wait a minutes, what is that again??) This skin booster has no funny fragrance to compare to any products in the market. A syringe of this is enough for a week of uses.

Made without any funny and harmful chemicals like parabens or mercury (usually uses of mercury is to whitening our skin), this products is safe even to  pregnant women. As for sensitive skin people and skin allergies people, I strongly recommend you trying this product.

As for myself, after a week of practice, my skins do really feels more tender-er, hydrated, firms and my scars has lighten!

Application: As easy as 1,2,3, after cleanse your face, toner or lotion your skin first, then pump appropriate amount on your palm, spread evenly and apply on your face. Massage gently till it absorbs into your skin. (that's when your literally don't feel any stickiness on your face ok). With the small molecules of the liquids, it absorbs in no time leaving your skin feels hydrated, smooth and bouncy.

Tips: You can even use this a body lotion!!!

Price: MYR80/pack
Order Via Email:
or hop over their Facebook to check on their latest update and promotion.

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Hugs and Au Revoir
Jeremiah Teoh


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