REV: Etermès Supreme Revitalizing Magic Mask

Hello handsome and beautiful. Is time for a beautiful treats again!!! Well...basically all of us are working in air conditioned rooms, we smoke, our diet and our lazy or healthy lifestyle all contribute to our skin condition. That's why, we need a good product regardless to what lifestyle we having to maintain our skin condition or at least, slow down all the aging sign... I, myself have tried so many brands and ranges of skincare products. From my experiences, you can trust most of the brands but only to their certain product. Apart from all skincare regime, you mustn't neglect the step of pampering your skin with mask.Well...I don't mind spend a little more for a mask that do what it claim(s) to my skin. If you read most of my blog post about skincare, you'll know exactly that I love hydration super super duper loves...just like sinking myself into the pool...

This round, I'll be sharing a brand that I (literally) heard for the first time. Not sure if other blogger(s) knew about this brand, BUT...I'm yet to see a blog review about it. May I present to you, 

Etermès Supreme Revitalizing Magic Mask
As we age, several skin condition will pop out. When that happen, you're too late to save it. Ending up, you spend more money and under go one or more intensive treatment. So...better start as early as possible course prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. This "pampering session" I'm talking about not just a regular mask you can get in drug stores. Instead, this France formulated product is only fairly distribute around town by agent...Kid you not, when my good friend approached me asking for my expertise in blogging about skincare product he's dealing with, I have no reason to say "no" even I'm like hundreds of KM away...or how vain I am...

When I received the product. I'm literally beyond my mind, "wahlaoeh, so high class one ah this product"...101% suakuness exploded...Well...The presentation of the packaging of the product is really important to buy the first impression of the end user okay...

This sturdy box was wraps tightly when it reached me, but being a super suaku (country bumpkin) person, I unwrapped it the moment I touched photo worthy... sobsob* I should have take photo 1st next time... Before I show you the real hands on product, let me show you the ads of the product first...Also...this mask comes in darkest of the darkest black mask sheet ever! (May the DARK FORCE be with you.)

This mask claims to stop the time and leave your skin an ageless beauty, I'm a guy, which mean I'll leave ageless handsomely lo? LOL

Not just that, Etermès mask will Repair, Nourish, Strengthening and Moisturize our skin. Which mean, it build a wall around our skin to fight against the external factors like pollution, radiation, bad diet and so on so forth... 

Etermès mask not just taking care of your outer skin but instead, they comes in a set of 5 pieces of masks and 5 little tubes of serum. The high quality ingredients on Magic Intensive Serum included nOCO (Nano Oligopeptide Collagen) which will penetrate deep into our skin for replenishing, enhance cells viability and flexibility. Due to its nature of high concentration of essence, it can quickly penetrate into our skin and promote micro-circulation and regenerating perfect delicate and supple skin. 
Direction (Supreme Revitalizing Magic Mask)
  1. Clean your face thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Open the tube and pull out the Magic Mask with the clip provided, gently apply on face and press with fingertips.
  3. Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes. apply the excess essence from the tube on your face, neck. Massage gently. 
  4. Additionally tips: Apply 1 sheet everyday for the first 3 days, then apply 3-4 every week
Direction (Intensive Revitalizing Magic Serum)
  1. Break off the pinhead of the tube.
  2. Use the pinhead to upwards from the bottom of tube and pour out the serum.
  3. Gently apply it on the face and massage to aid absorption.
  4. Additional tips: Apply the serum before and after applying mask.  
Product Verdicts
Fragrance:Refreshing. No funny fruits, herbs or even floral scent. 9/10
Packaging:Hard box with pressurized foam holding the products in it. 8/10
Hygiene:Each bottle of the mask and the serum is designed for 1 time use. 10/10
Product Information:Very generous about the ingredient. 10/10
Price: MYR189/SGD75

My Experiences with Etermès Supreme Revitalizing Magic Mask
Honestly, I really like the packaging. The foam they used to "hold" the products makes it a little hard to remove it. While massaging the serum on my face, I kinda like the warms from my hands and it does give me the relaxing feeling. After the serum, it leaves a little greasy feeling. As soon as it absorbed into my skin, it feels really hydrated. I slept in air-conditioned room and guess what! The moment I woke up the next day, I literally feels my skin are breathing inside out (that's the feeling of having hydrated least to me)...and of course! As I look into mirror, I'm like glowing...literally...

My friends and readers, whether you're convinced or not, I strongly urge you to try this products for yourself. By far, I never had this kind of dramatic experiences came from A MASK! Long time ago, I've tried on snail gel mask, gold infused mask, jelly mask and many more, and yet, I never felt such a experiences from A MASK..

Although I myself not buying the idea of doing mask more than twice a week (or to be honest, its really pricey to using this mask so frequently in a week). harm if you can afford it and IF you wanna see the magic of the mask, you may invest in it. My humble opinion, this mask worth every single penny you invested! Not for long term though...If you're getting married and preparing to glow on your big day, this is what you should really invest to! Or...any special occasion you have in mind...My humble suggestion...Do it 3 weeks before whatever big day you're looking forward to!!!

Any question about this mask that formulated at France, please
WECHAT: sunnyfoo1983

Hugs and Au Revoir!
Jeremiah Teoh


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