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Hello handsome and beautiful! Wishing all of you a great from here *virtualhug *imaginethatokay
Little update about myself and my life here in Singapore. If you yet to know or probably you're already know, living in Singapore can really relate to #thestruggleisreal . For a beginner, you gotta fast forward everything, let's begin with your step. Being a typical Pisces, I often stray away from the reality and wandering into my imaginary world. When I'm back to reality world, I fell...cry my eyes and heart out course I'm real sober! 

As down as I can be, I went strolling in the mall. Initially, I only thought of getting a deodorant spray as I just drained mine. Wasn't really expected to found a scent that I'm so familiar with on the SALE rack. The Versace Blue Jeans (VBJ). All the good memories flashing back in my mind the moment I saw it. I was introduced to VBJ probably about 10 years back by a friend of mine. Trust me, I immediately fall in love with the scent despite knowing nothing about perfume. As much as I can remember, the scent remind me so much about my friend. All I could think is, I regretted to have looses all of it. Well, what past has past, even if we are connected in Facebook today, the conversation has been really awkward. 

So I did a research about VBJ to find out what exactly the sorcery of the scent that makes me such a sober. Oh well...and I found..."Blue Jeans is a fragrance one always goes back to". Oh me, my eyes getting really wet even I'm in the mall, not to the point of flushing out but just nice to see the tears holding on from dripping. I told myself, "no...I mustn't buy this!" A few days and strolls later, I find myself at the cashier paying for this bottle of perfume...

Present to you, the Versace Blue Jeans. If you're a perfume junkie like me, you would already know that VBJ is just one from the collection. There are 11 others of Jeans like Red,Yellow,Green,Metal for Men,Metal for Women and so on...

Frankly speaking, I never see other Jeans at Malaysia and Singapore. Every mall I've been to only supplies Blue and Red Jeans. Dear Versace, can you send all these to me? I wish to have whole collection of the Jeans though. 

Versace Blue Jeans
VBJ was created in year 1994 by Jean-Pierre Bethouart. VBJ scents are mixtures of spices, floral as well as fruits. The first note from the moment you first spray are rather spicy and chokish. It feels like the juice from the lemon or grapefruits goes into your nose. 
As soon as the scent settle down to second note, it gives me the feeling of comforts, warm and security. Its woody, vanilla-ish and lavender-ish.
The last note of this fragrance can be very gentle and little touch of vanilla and that gives me the feeling of "rest assured baby, I'll be here taking care of you" kinda feeling...

Out of my expectation, this fragrance last longer than I initially thought! Definitely worth every penny we spent!!! My opinion, this fragrance works well with smoker, and mild sweater ( I mean those who don't sweat like you just done running 10KM). The versatility of VBJ is can wears it during day or night. But best time to wears it are when you're going for a romantic dinner with your partner and by the time you're done with dine in, hug your partner and whisper "you're mine" to his/her ear. The sorcery of this fragrance will do the rest :P

The design of this fragrance are rather unique. The bottle caps is non other than the LION of Versace. 

Made in Italy man!!! Not just hanky panky country, but all the way from Italy...In my mind, the movie acted by Angeline Jolie and Johnny Depp in "The Tourist" flashing in my mind. What a beautiful country and restaurants...(not saying that grass at Italy are greener than Singapore, drop it from your thought)

VBJ fragrance only come in a size which is 75ML and selling price from $35-$58 (depends at where you purchase it). While for me, I purchased this gorgeous with vouchers I won from some contest at the price of $39nett. I think this is a good deal. The last time I ever asked about the price was back in Malaysia where they are selling at MYR125 (year 2015) and I'm not sure what is the actual price now.

To my friend, old and new. you may have left me (of course I know you still alive), we may not saying anything to each other anymore, but please trust me, each of you left footprints in my heart and I hope, one day later, we will have time to sit down with other over a cuppa of coffee (or liquor) and reminiscing our good old days like never before. Due to misunderstanding and my ability to express my thought fully, I hope you have forgiven and forgotten about me being bad in your mind.
I wish you both old and new friends enough..enough of love, enough of care, enough of wealth and health.

Thanks for reading my rant and sharing about VBJ, FYI, is easy for me to attract to fragrances. I've found my "scent", have you? Share with me your favorite brand of fragrance at the comment box down below. By God's grace,I hope I can run a giveaway for my dearest reader. 

Au Revoir and hugs~
Jeremiah Teoh


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