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Hello handsome and beautiful people! It's been a while since I last logged in! Well... if you're following me on my social media, you know what's I've been up to recently yah~ If you yet to "follow" look for the buttons on your right. If you're reading this via mobile, you can look for the buttons at the end of the page.

Oh yah, on my recent update on Facebook, I was away for a week of vacation at Taiwan, this mean, there will be post(s) and lots of photos coming up to juice this blog of mine in a little bit more! Just like I've mention, a week away from Singapore has done something very miracle to me! This round I'll be sharing an interesting product that specially cater to boys and mens~! Well girls, you may consider this for your men(s) too.

Dear shoe junkie/white collars, do you still stuff your leather shoes with papers??? Well, now you can throw all those paper away as it doesn't do any good to your expensive shoes. Bear with me for a little as I'll be introducing you this accessory that will prolong the life of your shoe. Be it in the rack or always on the road. 

A pair of leather shoe can last at least 1 year or more. But it will last you a lifetime with a pair of reliable shoetree stuffed in. But! what is it market has to provide? A few papers hugged together so you can stuff into your shoe or a stick that holds the shoe in shape? Now, with just SGD35, you can own a sturdy, aromatic and tastefully crafter shoetree to please your expensive leather shoe!!!

If you were to know, owning a good shoetree is a long term investment. To find a good shoetree can be quite a hassle, or at least, cost you a boom too! Well...probably you never come accross in the malls too! Now you can all have peace of mind seeking for a reliable shoetree provider.

My recent collaboration with ShoeTree SG has been quite a wonderful experiences. From measuring my shoe size on a paper to waiting for the arrival of the parcel... everyday feels like Christmas to me! When it reaches me...oh well...I'm literally unboxing CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Guess what...that christmas tree woody scent literally filled up the entire office!'re living in Singapore honey, you sweat like you're an athlete, you walk from one place to another every single day! On the rainy days...tell me you won't get your shoe wet...bluff me lar~ Come to the rescue... Premium shoetree, tastefully crafted from American Red Cedar Wood, not just leaving behind crisp aroma to your shoes, it prevent creases and rotten lining due to moist ( know, your HK feets (smelly feets). 

This sturdy 3 dimensional and stretchable twin tube piece of woods can easily fits into your shoe so long you got the right size. All the gaps are stretchable to create creases free and prevents cracks. Red cedar wood will act as a moist know "thirsty hippo" you put in your wardrobes? Same theory here honey~

As time goes by, that crisp cedar aroma will fade, fret not! ShoeTree provides a piece of 3M sand paper and all you need to do is just find a good spot, sit and sand your shoetree. You may add in some spell if you're very may say something like "let the scent rule the shoe" or " bring me to cloud 9 with this scent"...all are entirely up to you...LOL

At the begining of my post, I've mentioned that I just came back from Taiwan after a week spent there. Just before I left, I insert one side of my old leather shoe with shoetree. The results? You'll be surprise as much as I do! 

Isn't the results of "before" vs "after" are obvious?! 

Not just that, with the right size of shetree, I find it pretty easy to fit it in and removing the shoetree from my shoe as it comes with an brass knob (that tiny little gold door knob looking ornament). So...I did mentioned "so long you got the right size". The first pair I got from ShoeTreeSG were slightly bigger than I expected. I literally drained myself inserting it into my shoe and drain myself again when removing. After a through and flow session with ShoeTree, I came to realized that I got the wrong size! Rest assured! ShoeTree provides size exchange and if you found out an usual shape of shoe after using shoetree within FREE 7 Days. Not enough? What if I'm telling you that your shoetree purchased was registered automatically for 6months warranty? Jaw drop? Serve you right on the point!  

Oh yah! About the right size! You may find a printable size guide on their website 
"" and all you need to know is measure your feet rightfully! Don't be greedy and ego! That feet of yours don't determine any other part of your body!!! (probably only boys knew what I mean). a little bit reading on their website so you won't waste anytime getting a right pair of shoetree to feed your expensive leather shoe!!

See that gap in the shoe? That's what ideally a shoetree should fit into your shoe. If is joined together, guide yourself to shoetree again. They are friendly and helpful if you needed assistance. 

ShoeTree Singapore would like to treats you my dear readers... All you need to do is just key in discount code "JEREMIAHTEOH" during your check out to get exclusive discount of 10% on top of whatever offering they have on their website, there will be no minimum spend nor expiry date!!! 

Girls, girls, girls...You may add this item to your present bucket list when you (always) scratching your head till all hair falls because you don't know what to buy for your dear boy and mens...After all, it's affordable and if the boys don't know how to use it, it may serve as display does look kinda cool too! LOL

Till then~
Jeremiah Teoh

You may find out more exciting information and advice from ShoeTree's social media. Who knows, they might come up with more exciting news and products from time to time. 

Instagram: ShoeTree,SG

Breaking News: Giveaway collaboration with Shoetree Singapore  and JeremiahTeoh is C.O.M.I.N.G S.O.O.N!!! 


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