Have you seen my previous blog post about my first touch down to Taiwan yet? IF you haven't, please click this link ( to read before you start this one. Though this gonna be shorter one, but trust me, this isn't  the last! 

Since I'm staying at QianJin District in Kaohsiung, I find it very convenient for me to move around. Everything are like within walking distance. As for tourist like us, what more convenient other than foods stall around our area...right? As I'm travelling, I certainly do not buy over that idea of exhausting yourself just to visit whatever place a country has to offer, with the flight fare going lower(sometime) and travel around seems more possible, I can make it again next time. So...I had a long and ample sleep before I get ready to grab my food of the day!

A short stroll around where I stay, I found this restaurant that sell something very familiar to me and looking at the price tag... I don't think twice about it...

These are what the restaurant offers... Not as much as varieties of what's a restaurant has to offer. At least, they are telling me that their "quality" is assured.

Honestly...I was attracted by this dumplings... Yes, we have this in Malaysia and this was rather normal to begin with. Trust me, I just can't help!

Then they said, if you go Taiwan and never had a bowl of "mian xian"(Oyster & Braised Intestines Mee Sua) means you haven't been to Taiwan at all. Since this shop serve meeshua, why not right? Well... I'm not a big fans of oyster as it produces some weird taste once it was fully cook, a bowl for me is good enough. 

That's how I ended my tour at Kaohsiung!

I'm going Kenting!!! 

From Google, I knew that I'll be spending at least 2 hours road trip on the express bus (they called it Ke Yuen". I grab whatever I needed before I board the bus! As usual, I didn't do enough research of how to get there. I ask around again! So...I was directed to hop on cab to the bus provided not far away from QianJin. I paid about NTD150 for that short ride and I reached at HSR ZouYing Staion. 

Yes!!! This is it!!! Check the price to several location. Where I'm heading would be the last 4th row... Of course I took up the return trip at only NTD588/ pax. FYI, this provider provides me sufficient information about getting there and where to wait when I'm hopping on the return bus. Long story short, you can hop on any bus with number 9189 bus as long your tickets are properly kept. Bus is available from 09:00 to 19:00, daily at every 30 minutes...Else... May God be with you. 

Time to sleep!!! This air-conditioned express bus will make several stops at different location just to do a quick pick up and drop off. Don't worry, you'll reach your destination just within 2 hours ride. 

Reminder!!! Please make your way to washroom just before you hop on the bus as they don't encourage toilet break along the way!!! But...I was driver told me to be patience as we are reaching a gas station not far (it was nearly 30 minutes away when he said you can imagine how "enjoyable" my ride was)

With all these impromptu stops, we arrived at Kenting slightly passed 2 hours...probably about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Well... that's what you get when you ask for something unplanned. 

Ladies and gentlemen...May I present to you...K.E.N.T.I.N.G!!!

Like I've researches was done before I came to Taiwan. Along the journey to Kenting, I read a few article about Kenting beaches. There are Nanwan beach, Bai Sha beach and a few more. Initially I wanted to head over Baisha beach, as per brother driver, Nanwan beach would be better. Following his advice, I hop off bus!

In the article, it mentioned that or highlighted that DON'T VISIT THIS BEACHES ON THE WEEKEND!!! It is weekend!!! It's Sunday!!! God! You wanna know why?

Nah! You like it? Heavily invaded beach!!! Gosh!!! My last time to whatever beaches don't reaches this amount of visitors... For real??!!! Don't worry, swing your angle to another side.

Patience is real!!! Struggle is also very real to get a clean shot! On and off there will be photo bomber(s) be it a couple or whole bunch of friends or kampung! thing I can assures you... the water remains crystal clear despite the beach being heavily invaded over the weekend.

Once I changed into my swim trunk, I shall shall announce, IT'S MODELLING TIME!!! (or sort of)

Examining the base for sturdy standing...

If is not, rest your butt on the picky rocks...ready to get a wonderful amount of splash or fucked by the name it...

Get the right timing for a picturesque moment. Combined with effortlessly pose, no smile like you hate everyone who came to the beach (or hate yourself for coming because you didn't read my blog spot about getting here), flex your invisible muscles like you have one of them, look away from camera would be good.

Then hit the click button on the camera!!!

Voila! Time for a swim!!! Oh yah...sadness over loadsss!!! Whatever goes below knee length and you'll get whistle ON YOUR FACE by the lifeguard at the beach. This Nanwan Beach...not a perfect place for swim even the water is crystal clear. BUT! there's are tons of activities you can get here.

Whatever water games you name it, they have it. They even ready a full package at not quite reasonable price (even if you just play a single game or couple of them). Nope...I didn't play any of them because I was damn cheapo and not so adventurous and I am not envied at those who play at all  I lied.

Back in 2015, I promoted Taiwan on my blog just to win myself a trip to Taiwan with all expenses paid. Sadly, I did not win the campaign. The last destination I always had in mind is sitting at the beach during the sunset and get emotionally uncontrollable (just kidding). Just like get into a heart break scene in a movie, LOL But with this view, I felt nothing but I'm so hungry and exhausted!!! I WANNA GO GRAB MY DINNER FAST!

Every where in Taiwan is well known for their night market. Kenting has it's own night market too! Remember the MRT card I purchased once I touched down Taiwan? With this card, you can just hop on any bus that will stop just right in front of Kenting Night Market!!! How convenient...

Taaddaaaa~~~ The special not special Kenting Night Market which just mushroomed along Kenting Street which happen to be the main road of Kenting!!! Well...almost all night markets in Taiwan sells the same things over and over and over again. So...I decided to grab my dinner in a shop instead of the night market foods. Well...I still have many days to enjoy night market foods, skip a meal don't do any different too!

Sometimes, I will get uneasy seeing this sausages in humongous size...I don't find it appertizing but instead, I find it disgusting...Some how, foods that looks disgusting usually taste good. Nope...I do not tempted to try. Maybe I will on next trip.

It's Kenting, its beach side! If no seafood, you'e not at beach side...make sense? Well...there are tons of seafood restaurant around this night market which proudly display all their fresh seafood right in front of their restaurant. If you like, just pick what you want, they will assist you into your table soon after. At Kenting Street, tourists able find many stores and vendors selling souvenirs and accessories, food stalls and restaurants serving a wide range of traditional Taiwanese snacks such as braised food, grilled seafood and many more that will either surprise you or another way round.

After I reached the end of the night market, I made my way back to a shop that serve Taiwanese style dishes at only NTD688!!! The portion? Oh dear~~~

Stir Fried Crispy Pork Belly.

Fried Vegetables Wrap with Eggs. (Our Malaysian version called "Fu Yong Dan" or Seremban Eggs.

Fried Chicken Cube.

 Seaweed Soup.

Squid Salad.

Remember I mentioned that any bus with number 9189 earlier at the beginning of this port, I manage to hop on the last bus just in time. 
Despite getting some splashes by the Taiwan wave and coming to one of the most invaded beach in Taiwan, I still feels very delighted. The water are so clear I can see the sea bed clearly. I do have a little regret of rejecting the offer of playing the water sports. I will next time with bigger budget! Sponsorship please!!!!

On my 2 hours journey back to Kaohsiung, I fell asleep in the bus and woke up just when I'm about to reach Zuoying Station. As I made my way back to QianJin District, I got lost!!! Noob max!!! End up, I hop on cab and reached at my room...very late because I have this metal hard head and ego that make myself worse going round and round and wonder further from the street I need to get to. Lesson learn...DO MORE RESEARCH!!!

There goes my day at Kenting. It has been a beautiful and fruitful day indeed!

Part 2 End.

Till then!
Jeremiah Teoh

-Tomorrow I'll be heading to Taichung!!!-


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