It;s my forth Taiwan post! Hope you're not bored with my sharing...My intention is clear. All I'm doing here is to sharing my honest experiences and what I've been through in my life. 

I woke up fresh and happy because I'm heading to one place that I've been looking forward to since my first post where I shares about Taiwan's attractions. I didn't hunt for breakfast today as I woke up a little off the scheduled time. So...I just hop to 7-11 and grab some bread and drinks before I make my way to bus stop. With my powerful reload transport card, I can hop on and off public buses in Taichung too! Save me quite a hassle.

If you're staying around North District, you can hop on public buses that heading to Taichung Station. Clear signboards are around, if is not, open your golden mouth and start asking around... Anyway, this iconic building is very well known as most public buses, express bus or even train ended their services there.  So, no reason for you to go off track.

As I reached the station, I head over opposite side of the station to look for express bus provider to Sun Moon Lake.

On the friendly note, please be aware of KUTU. They will stick to you if you shows the obvious signs that you're going to Sun Moon Lake. I was approached again by some and they wanted to charge me NTD500 for one way. But please please please... My research told me it will only cost me half of what they offered. I rejected them nicely and make my way to the legal provider such as Nantou Bus.

There, like I said, even the return trip still cost lesser than the KUTU offered me. Save me a little but let me assure you, this legal provider provides comfy bus ride... Like seriously!!!

I'm feeling a little sleepy already...this ride gonna takes about 2 hours from Taichung Station and I hope the moment I woke up, Sun Moon Lake scenery will greet me with biggest smile!

I failed to fall asleep actually, so...I prepare my old Canon EOS550D for a little bit of random scenery shots...

After 2 hours and little more, I reached at the center of Sun Moon Lake! Once alighted from the bus, I was standing in front of the information center and rest assure. Everyone in Taiwan is really helpful...I wonder what they were taught at school or at home. Hmmm...

To move around Sun Moon Lake (it is not small potato place!), you can choose from bicycle to tricycle (not advisable but is up to you if you wanna venture even far) or maybe you rent a motorcycle! That's provided you can provide a valid motor/driving license. And...guess what! This KAMPUNG BOY go Taiwan with VALID LICENSE!!! To my amazed, some time I can't even dig out my license when I'm driving or riding at Malaysia!!! Oh yah...before I miss out, its better if you can provide international driving license instead what you got at your home country...well, not every corner in the world will accept what's not common...(I don't know...she checked with several people before she agreed to accept my license).

So...I managed to rent an electric motorcycle at only NTD400 from 3pm-7pm. Initially I only wanted to rent bicycle which will only cost around NTD300 from 3pm-6pm but due to the large Sun Moon Lake and I believe I will go extra mile. I go with motorcycle...

May I present to you...The magnificent Sun Moon Lake!  

Actually, there are plenty of activities you can find at Sun Moon Lake. Services apart from cycling, you can opt for boat ride too! But I didn't go for that because I'm not mainstream person... Guess what,  I was again approached by stranger offering me boat ride, but I rejected it and I got sounde in words like "na, ni lai rie yue tan wan shen me" (then? what you wanna do at Sun Moon Lake?), I smile at him and walk off. 

The iconic bicycle trail for fellow bikers...

I'm in very deep thinking about what is my future holding+  what is the food that will go into my stomach later...

There are several tunnels built around Sun Moon Lake. Some may find it creepy but the not mainstream and weird person like me, I find it MAGICAL~~~

All I do is just fuel the bike and just go all the way straight! (yes...I don't read the map because I don't understand it!) 

Then I came to this Japanese looking shop and found out this shop is actually a restaurant...

Then I found this bus stop roses just right behind the restaurant and immediately I came up with this shot! (psst...I've longed to do this shot but just never have a chance to find somehow related or similar kind of bus stop) #wishcametrue

Actually...I saw lots of people came to this coolest building in Sun Moon Lake. I just drop by take some shots and left because I'm late to return my motorbike!

After I return the bike, I just walk around the shops to grab some light food and try to be a little tourist looking by taking a photo next to the iconic stone...

Then I was greet by this little lovely~

Almost every corner in Taiwan has this XXXL fried chicken...So I tabao (take-away) so I can eat along the way~

Last bus was scheduled at 730pm which I made to the bus pick up point ( is at the same place I alighted earlier) just in time for a washroom break before I hop bus to return to Taichung... I must say, MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!! Although I didn't do much thing or didn't do anything at Sun Moon Lake, I'm already felling very contented. Honestly, I save lots of money (well...boat ride needs money, do this do that, visit here visit there in Sun Moon Lake all required fees, although the fees isn't expensive, but its not my kind of way to visit a place, so I only do what makes me happy). #YOLO

Bus ride gonna take at least 2 hours again, I'm gonna try to sleep before I hit some bistro for a few glass of beer before I call an end to today's trip...

There goes my day at Sun Moon Lake. It has been a magnificent and wonderful day indeed!!!

Part 4 End.

Till then!
Jeremiah Teoh

-Tomorrow I'll be heading to Taipei!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!-


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