Hey! I'm back with my 5th post of my Taiwan trip! LOL... Yeah, I've been away for a while now and I knew it! I made a trip back to hometown to visit my family and right after my hometown adventure at the waterfall, I fell sick. Not to worry, it just a normal catch cold and flu stuff. Well...when you over work your body, that's the price to pay...but I don't really mind if the price is staying at home and sleep till back sore. LOL

Transition from Taichung to Taipei was smooth AF! Since I've learnt that by taking public bus, I can make my way to train station, I save a few dollar taking cab... Do you still remember where I spent so much just for one way ticket from Kaohsiung to Taichung? 

Nah! The journey from Taichung to Taipei will takes around 3 hours from Taichung Train Station. Taking train is advisable for those who are seeking for lay back trip. If you're chasing time, go ahead with bullet train. Of course! It cost you double...while for this train ride, it's only NTD375/head.

Now I prefer to take train than bus. Not just less bumpy, the whole journey is worry free... If nature has to call, washrooms are within footsteps... Best of all, I get to enjoy lots of scenery where road user might and might not see.

After a short nap on the train, here I am at Taipei...The modern metropolis with lots of shopping streets and contemporary buildings. Getting to my last Airbnb location was pretty easy course the location I accidentally booked was located in the center of red light district, that's Zhongshan District if you wanna know. So...kawan kawan hamsap, you know where to go lo? But judging of how smart of me, I gotta smirk~ Well...I went for prices I can afford and I don't even know it was at there till my Taiwan friend tell me... #slowclapforyouJeremiah

But...I awwwed with my last room at Taipei... The whole setting are what I always look forward to! bad experiences at Taichung has ended and God blessed me with such a beautiful stay at Taipei...Amen! 

May I present to you, the busy shopping malls streets... To think of, I think I'm quite versatile when it comes to places. I can get used to either jungle or city pretty easily... Well, in jungle, I can't stop looking after weird plants and jaw dropping scenery, but when I landed at city, I find looking at high rise building, the formation, the arrangement and all those weird little things always make me feels like a kid again. 

Since I've been to several night markets from the beginning, this night, I just hop around streets and venture around blindly till I'm exhausted before I find myself end up in one bistro chilling. This bistro has little visitor as it was weekdays. It was so empty till the boss himself sat down with me and tell me where I must shop, where must I eat and what should I expect. How lovely...

On and off our chit chat, I drank 2 bottles of Taiwan beers and sing couple of songs, since there aren't many visitor, my out of tune voice literally fill up the entire dare I am...LOL. I was told to visit WuFenPu (δΊ”εˆ†εŸ”) if I wanna shops with crazy bargain...(Unker mode turns on!) 

Honestly speaking, from day 1 to now, I haven't met any displeasing Taiwanese...Why you all so nice 
one!?? I love you all already eh~~~ 

From reaching at Taipei till now, I didn't plan of visiting any nightlife but more looking for some places to chill as my friend Jie Ling (or I prefer to address her as Taiwan Mei) and the bistro boss, Mark has shown me couples of places I must visit during the day. After my chill session, I head back to my beautiful room to recharge for tomorrow's shopping spree!!!

Part 5 End.

Till then!
Jeremiah Teoh

-Tomorrow I'll be heading to WuFenPun+Taipei 101!!!-


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