Let's continue to catch up what I've missed. When a year coming to an end, I'll be emotionally down or sometime I agreed to certain activity that causes me suffers muscle sore and stuff...Guess my body is catching up with my age. Anyway, I gotta brace through all these and stay YOUNG!

On my previous post about my 1st Taipei experience, it had end sweetly. From the Airbnb reviews I've read, some of them claimed that the area I stay would be noisy as there are several night club mushroomed around. To me, it was peaceful night and I think I had a good dream that night. I woke up fresher than never! Today I'll be meeting my long time friend from college. It has been really long time since I last see her!! Thinking back, I guess the last time I saw her is year 2007...Finally, a warm feeling comes into my heart...I'm meeting an old friend! But first, I need to selfie at Taipei 101!

With the beers kick, I manage to snooze with no bad dreams or talking while sleeping till the next morning. I went for a quick brunch just before I make my way to Taipei station, from where I'm staying, it probably took me around 10mins walking distance. Fret not, the whole trip won't bored you as there are many interesting things to see that please your eyes.

When I reached the station, one thing that caught my attention is the sign board... I can bring my pet on board as long as they stay in the bag...then I my imagination go wild!

grab from-

You know, being a super dog lover myself, seeing a sign board like this on public transport really make my day! If can, I wanna work in Taiwan so I can travel around with my Emma, as long as she stays in her bag the entire journey. Can you imagine how much I can save to be able to travel on public transport with my furkid? Here in Singapore/ Malaysia, you hardly/rare/not a chance to get a cab or anything that will let you hop on together with your furkid...rant over!

Taking MRT to WuFenPu!!! Only cost me NTD15 ($0.70 only)!!! *scream and tear down my jaw*!!!

Oh yeah, reaching to Songshan Station, Wufenpu is not located just right after the exits, you need to crawl, run, walk, roll or anything across a few roads just to be right in front it.

Taaddaaa...the non other than Wufenpu! This looks, do you find it familiar? Like...Bugis Street? Petaling Street? Chinatown or Chatuchak? LOL!!! Yes! This is the place where many fashionista shops for their daily #ootd at affordable price! Don't mention about bargain...its your right to do it here...If you're not happy with one's price, walk to another one, trust me and trust your instinct! You can find the same same all around...Just beware...many eye candies will flirt with you and you'll follow...(joke)

I didn't get to take many photo course my phone's battery is running out while the smart ass me, I bring my big ass camera along and left the battery+sd cardd in my room...Guinness world record should award me for being so smart!!! After an hour or two strolling around, I didn't mange to grab much since this is not what I had in mind before the trip or better excuse, I'm fucking broke!

Next stop after Wufenpu, is non other than the most famous tall building...the almighty Taipei 101!!! From Wufenpu, is pretty easy to hop on buses that head over Taipei 101. with my almight cashless card, I just hop over a random bus...10 minutes later, I arrived at the front of the majestic Taipei 101 building!

This combination of offices and shopping mall is just so tall I wanna break my neck or I might need to roll on the floor just to take a good angle of it... Phone cannot fit all...So...what tourist like us do? Take photos lar~What else!!!

When I was preparing to explore Taipei this morning, I caught a glimpse of some show that introducing this very statue that they recently made with leftover steel cables from Taipei 101. They turned it into a "mother breast feeding her baby" that symbolized something close to rebirth...I forgotten~!!!

Hello KLCC...LOL...

Famous "LOVE" sculpture in front Taipei 101.


I don't stay long here, and I'm tired of hanging around...Since there are several malls around, I might as well just check it out... A while then, I found this cinema, and before I relized what's happening, I'm at the counter and paying for a movie I just pin point with my finger...LOL

2 hours later, this 18+ show ended. Being a foreigner, I'm amazed at the censorship this country has...At least, what movie is for adults are strictly for A.D.U.L.T.S. So unlike my home country...dah lah censored, potong lagi sini sana...a 2 hours cerita became 1hour.

Anyway...As per Taiwan Mei,another famous night market called Raohe Night Market is located around Taipei 101 and Wufenpu...why not right?

Taiwan Mei's never failed to show me the way of enjoying what the locals enjoys! She strongly recommends me to try Hu Jiao Bing (Black Pepper Pork Bun). This very stall is located just under the main entrance of RaoHe night market. 

I must say...You must ques along!!!'ll regret or might as well just go back to your hotel and cry to sleep~ selling at NTD50/piece. Next... She also strongly recommend me to try Yao Dun Pai Ku (Herbal Pork Ribs Stewed). This Taste like Bak Kut Teh in my home country leh!!!

Selling at NTD70/ bowl, you should try. Next to the stall, you can find Pai Ku Shu (Fried Pork Ribs). Ahhh... I can feel my heart start to burns with all these flavorful street snacks...BUT...I can't get enough!!! So I walk away with another pack of the pork ribs...LOL

This roughly 600 meters long night market is one of the oldest night market in Taipei offers many things that you can get at other night markets, but they offers certain snacks that you probably can't get anywhere else...That's what we call special lor...

As I head towards the end of the market, I stumble upon this huge container that contains sticky black glutinous rice that they will blends it into drinks... I'm already full, but I told myself... This is the first time right? Die full or die regret...#YOLO

Now I prefer this over bubble milk teas...

There you go, ended my wonderful outing day with a glass of sticky black glutinous rice ice blended...yums~Is an AWESOME DAY!!! I literally felt that every single penny spent are really worth my each and every drop of sweat and blood. I will come back again. 

Thank you Taiwan Mei for such a awesome recommendation...I'll meet you tomorrow after my Ba Li one day tour, and many other exciting places around Taiwan!!! 

End of Part 6

Till then!!!
Jeremiah Teoh

- I'll be visiting Ba Li Island - Bei Tou - Shih Lin Night Market and Yang Ming Shan tomorrow-
OMG!!! I'm so excited!!! Are you too!?


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