Hello handsome and beautiful! Its been a long time! FML...Seriously...I had no idea whats going on since my last post... As if I just vanished into thin air from social medias (but I was freaking active in my personal facebook...WHAT HAPPENED!!!??) Anyway...I sincerely apologies for being such a slacker... Frankly speaking, I'm a little demotivated on blogging but I know I must finish this travel posts no matter what!

Today (#throwbackAF) is gonna be a long long long outing day! As suggested by Taiwan Mei (she gives me the whole list of places), I should visit here there and everywhere. Start from ZhongShan, I stroll to the MRT and board the train all the way to the end of red line where I'm alighting at Tamsui station. 

Take note, upon alighting from Tamsui station, you gotta walk about 10 minutes to ferry pier where you'll get to pass by many shops in Tamsui Old Street and PLEASE...ignore all that as you'll return later! As per Taiwan Mei, ferry to Bali will be jam packed as it is one of the hottest tourist attraction they have in Taiwan. Guess what, luck is definitely on my side today. When I reached the pier, the ferry conductors are shouting for last batch before they board...

This photo was taken during from the ferry picturing the unique, peaceful and lay back Bali Island of Taiwan.

As far as I know, during my trip at Taiwan, it was supposed to be typhoon season and I guess, I'm being really lucky to not taste the mother nature along my trip and it is always sunny and rather humid. In fact, I felt like I was wrapped with plastic during the day...

I spent roughly about 3 hours at this small island... Well...personally, I won't say this won't be my favorite spot of visiting or sight seeing... Well, planned nothing ahead prior this trip, who am I to make noise? 

I was suppose to head over another place from this little island, but due to time issue, I didn't but I went shopping around Tamsui before head to BeiTou for hot spring experience...I know I know is the bad choice and wrong-est timing for hot spring!!!

This small park is designed the way we can witness the formation of natural hot spring and the river (the usual river we always see are like flowing of wastes and stuff) transporting hot spring water...that's something new I see!

The weather has been really humid and I'm getting annoyed so far...wait till I'm at just got worse! Help me!!! I felt like I'm floating and I will just go blank at one point...Knowing I can't last long here, I took all photo from all angle I can and leave asap...I just couldn't stay any longer or else I'll be hospitalize...

But...I just can't resist from going to the onsen! So..I did...

When I'm out from the onsen, I do felt fresher than before... Honestly...I felt in love with Taiwan already!!! Mom...can I move to Taiwan? Pleaseeee...After Beitou, I make my way to ShihLin where I'm meeting my long long long time friend..The amazing Taiwan Mei!!!

This refreshing looking drink is called 青蛙下蛋 (Qing Wa Xia Dan). Frog Laying Eggs...*LOL* and you're drinking it? LOL!!! This is seriously one hella refreshing drink for humid weather. Served together with Aiyu Bing (a jelly made from the gel from the seeds of a variety of fig).

The infamous Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang 大腸包小腸. Don't misunderstand that this is big intestine wraps small intestine... it is just glutinous rice wraps sausage...

THIS ONE!!! *hint* you can smell it a mile or more away!! All my life, I'm avoiding all the stinky food but Taiwan Mei have been really really like really insisting that I really have to try on "STINKY TOUFU!!! She chosen Thai Style for me and Amen....I'm alive trying it and I had more than 1 but less than 2... Don't get me wrong, the taste is surprisingly awesome, just blamed on the not so adventurous side of me. I have weak stomach.

Taiwan Mei said if you came to Taiwan and didn't try this XXXL fried chicken chop, you can go bang the wall and don't ever go Taiwan ever again... Obviously I did tried but this is the original and the first to be in Taiwan... the rest? Copy meow lor...

After ShihLin night market, Taiwan Mei pop up and said that she is granted to be away from work the next day and that's also the license for her to stay up more late. Thus, we start googling for karaoke or somewhere we can hangout.

At the end, we are here at YangMing Shan. This place is exactly like the one called Lookout Point in Kuala Lumpur where you literally dine and enjoy the night sky of the city. Thanks to the typhoon that sucked all the dirty air away from Taiwan and yes, I'm able to snap tons of night view of Taiwan.

Before I conclude the day. I would like to really really apologies to such a long missing. To everyone who has been asking me about why no more blogging this blog that blog and am I even a blogger still... 

A little update about me.

I started my part time study back in May 2017, every week for the last 9 months, I spent 4 hours on 2 separate days a week and with the assignments that came along, I literally have no time to do anything else. Now that I completed my study and yes! I'm officially graduated!!! Yayhoo!!!

Thanks to be a part of my life and thank you to everyone that offer helps along the way. 

End of Part 7

Till then!!!
Jeremiah Teoh

- I'll be visiting Xi Men Ting tomorrow and conclude my entire Taiwan trip with Taiwan Mei.


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